Life According To Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc
Life According To Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc

Episode 38 · 2 years ago

Episode #38: Get It Done, Then Get It Right





Award winning author of #Homeschooling

Sabrina works in partnership with Brunel University alongside her five children aged 19, 15, 12, 11 and 6 (who’s the youngest ever STEM ambassador for Brunel University) 

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Sabrina Ben Salmi is No.2 on the list for 2019 Top 50 Most Inspirational Black Women in the UK: Mother of The Year Award Winner Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc is also an Award Winning author, multiple award winner, public speaker and she is now a proud mother of 5 entrepreneurial children who are also multi award winners and award winning authors and have their own brands and signature programs and they are aged 6yrs to 19yrs old who she refers to as her Fantastic 5 (19yr old Lashai aka Dreampreneur - Stepping Stones Formula™ & YouSmart™ & Kidz That Dream Big™, 15yr old Tray-Sean aka I’m That KID & Kidz That Dream Big™ & Im That KID™ & Child Genius™, 12yr old Yasmine aka Lovepreneur & The Choice Is Yours™, 10yr old Paolo aka Pint Size Adventurer™ and 6yr old Amire aka Mr Intelligent & Because I Am Intelligent™.

Sabrina chose to turn her adversities into empowerment in the hope of inspiring her dependants and her global clients both current and future to allow themselves to take steps towards building their dreams so that they can have fun learning. She went on a journey of self discovery so that she could learn to turn LEMONS INTO LEMONADE.

Sabrina hosts her signature program called Dreaming Big Together - Mamas Secret Recipe at Virgin Money Lounge

Sabrina’s background is in Computer Science, Sabrina is co-foundering director of Harris Invictus Academy (OfSted Outstanding Secondary School). Sabrina is founder of Dreaming Big Together Publishing House ( The Mobile Single Parents Project™, Dreaming Big Together - Mamas Secret Recipe™, MindSet-ReSet Now™, The Conscious Entrepreneur Blueprint™ & Shift Happens™ transformational Programs. It is said that Sabrina is the mentor of many successful and famous individuals and responsible local and global personal and professional connections that have gone on to influence business and individuals across the globe.

Sabrina is a Make Your Mark Ambassador, PRECIOUS AWARD finalist, British Library case study; and has attracted the attention of both National and International media across TV, Newspapers and radio etc for instance BBC London News, BBC Radio, Colourful Radio, Channel 4 documentaries (The Secret Millionaire etc).

Founding Project Manager for Our Heritage TV:

Book: Lone Parenthood: You Are Enough™

Book: #Homeschooling: #Homeschooling: Our Journey: How We Transitioned from State School to Homeschooling

Hi there, my name is Sabrina Ben Soumi, and welcome to another episode of life according to Sabrina. I felt really I was sat here in deep for just reflecting on the share essence of as a woman, we tend to have to be everything to everyone else and then we find ourselves in a place that we'd have no idea who we really are for ourselves. And here's the thing. I don't know about you, but in my life I remember spending a very long time living my life according to the ones, desires and needs of everybody else, and along the way I sort of lost myself. I forgot what I actually wanted, I forgot what I liked, I forgot what I didn't like. And as for boundaries, let's not even discuss them, because they was non existent, to be honest. And I remember attending an event because there was like this burning desire and me to find myself. I just didn't know what to do, a where to start. So I attended a weekend coaching program with the desire to get started, because would you agree that when you start helping others that are in the same situation as you, you start getting a bit of perspective? So in two thousand and six I set up the mobile single mother's project that later became the mobile single parents project, and what I realized is that the different clients that were actually presented to me well different variations of different wounds that I had to address, and each time I was able to help teach and move them forward. I was able to learn something else about myself that wasn't really present at the time. And during attending that weekend training, I met a wonderful guy who became my mentor. It's names you and Wong, and we had such a connection talking about things, so much of our values and beliefs resulted, and I remember thinking that I found someone that can understand me, and I don't know how, I know he needs to be my mentor. Now, if you imagine someone embarking into an industry for the first time, I wasn't sure how to go about it. I hadn't really experienced it like that before, but I knew it had to happen. So what do you do? You listen to your intuition and you make an impromptu decision, which I'm really glad that I did do. And that was back in two four thousand and eleven and we're currently too that two thousand and twenty. And I remember during a call, one of our first sessions, he asked me very simple questions, but sometimes, as in our simplicity, we get to the root cause. Hey, and that question was when you go shopping, Sabrina, what sort of things do your children like to buy? And it was sort of a nice breaker getting to know each other. Break it into the room of the coaching sessions and I was like, Oh wow, they like this. This is the thing being and you know, kids have a favorite thing this week, but it tends to change and I'll be running out getting it in there like no, that's not my favorite anymore. You know, if your parent, you understand exactly who I go with that. Hey and he said to me, what is your husband like? And I was like only likes this, knows is favorite. Really likes this reminds him of home. So the Guy I married this trinisium and there's certain things that he kind of likes to have just to remind them of home comfort food, so to speak. And then he asked the promultimate question, and that question was what do you like? Yeah, is that uncomfortable? Signed again, the silence was there. I was struggling to actually respond to something that was so simple, such a question that should... easily answered. You will, you would think right. And at that point in my life, I have been married for six years and what I realized is that I actually had no idea who I was because I stopped doing everything for me. I was living my life for my family, for my partner, for my clients that I was serving. I had no time for me. I was busy being everything to everybody else and I was nothing to myself. So I had no idea what I liked and, furthermore, when I started to delve into what food they ate, at that time I wasn't as much at all. So that, if you can resonate over time where you don't remember when you actually ate a meal or whether you have breakfast or did you just skip plant or actually, did you just skip supper? So I would make breakfast in the morning and we'll Russian out making shut up. My husband would be fed before he went off to work and obviously making sure two kids were fed, and my children stagnate in ages. So at that time I was a mother of well, just at that time actually, it would have been how I was born just after but I was a mother of three. So very interestingly enough, I remember making breakfast and, you know, feeding the kids and then I have my breakfast, but you know, the whole picking takes place and it was my way of loving. But what I realize not so much entirely on that care but when I look back and connect the rest of the dot. But one thing that was definitely a parent at the time is that I had their answer. So what do you buy yourself when you go shopping? Didn't. I would basically eat what everyone else's favorite was. I had no favorite because my primary goal was to fulfill the desires of my family. Their favorite. There's their favorite. That getting there on time, making sure that people got from appointment to appointment and so on and so forth. To the extent I wasn't even taking myself for my own medical appointments or looking myself into have things that I needed for myself, I was not in my own life and in the background of the silence, I could hear my family away just no being kids. I could hear my husband mucking that here she goes again, it will never work. She keeps going after a dreams and there was this uncomfortable silence inside of me, and then the tear began to run down my cheeks. Wasn't making but I said, Suberan, are you still there? Are you know when you just choke your gold and you can't really verbalize entirely. Yeah, here. So they kisses. Okay, just sit with the immersion, whatever it is for you allow it. And you know that that was the only time in many years that I had actually sat down, thought about myself, focused on myself, discussed myself, because up until that very point, my very existence had absolutely nothing to do with me. Now, I don't know if you've been there, if you've known someone that's been there, or if that's where you're currently at, but for me I took that as one of my biggest wake up calls, and little did I know that it was the rebirthing of myself, because...

...he did later asks me would I entrust him with two weeks of my life in order to rediscover myself at a deeper level, and I was at a place where where I was I wasn't comfortable. So you know, when you just feel your hit rock bottom, the only way is upright. So I said yeah, and he was really enthusiastic, so loving, so given, so supportive, and he said, well, I've have you heard of it? LP? I was like, yeah, I've heard of it, I don't know much about it. I've never read any books on it. It's on so for sounds interesting and he was saying basically, after these two weeks you'll never look at life the same again. Now I'm a very optimistic person. I and the kind of heading the clouds type of course, and I appreciated him being so enthusiastic with me, but I couldn't quite grasp what he meant for the shared that when he said that I would look at life with different pair of eyes. That's interesting, like in the entirety. Do you know the reality what I'm facing? You know, like things are not so good for me right now. So I was going through a lot of challenges with my selfworth issues, low self esteem. My marriage was a massive struggle. I love my kids because I wanted nothing more in my life than to become a mother. So I was living that aspect of the dream and I said to him, I would love to say yes, my essences, I'm not sure how I'm going to commit to this financially I was pouring a lot out. So I was working to sustain the project. It was a grass roots project that I was funding myself to support families internationally, single parent families, and I remembered having this you know, you just know. So some people, isn't they have this logic realization, some people they know, it's just in their heart and some people have what they call intuition, of gut feeling. So I had this moment of intuition, knowing that this would be the precipice for everything else that I need to do. This was somewhat of the foundational ground in and I said yes. And if you're familiar with the personal development world, some very good teachers say to you say yes and then figure out the how, because it's in our action, and then I'll surrendering, and also in our committee, to our vision, the vision being the postcode for the soul. That's my true belief, is that the bigger the why, the easier the Holl. So I had a big why, right and finding myself interestingly, wasn't because that was my care why? I felt that if I love my children so much, so and I need to be their guides within this life, wouldn't it be a massive why to do this for them so I can be fully present, to not just be your service to them, but so they can fully know the essence of who their mother is by observing me living my dream, living my life and going for it? So I said yes. I said yes, and, funning enough, this was an absolute gift you and long is still in our in our lives. I'm very fortunate for there was no financial investment and it was a case of it was if I remember the story correctly, he had purchased two tickets, one for himself one for his brother. His brother couldn't attend. Like see, sometimes we don't know, we don't need to have the details of how it's going to show up, but just trust the process. At the time of meeting him, at the time of attending the event, I would...

...never have known that that would been a massive step in the right direction for me. So I participated in a Christopher Howard and LPE training, so they call it whack one and whack too, which actually resulted in me gaining nine accreditations in n LP, Hitmoss, so on, you name it. So one and so forth, from mastery and LP practitioner. And I cry. Did I cry? You See, not only was I used to be in everything to everyone, I had cried so much for so long I didn't feel there was anything left. And attending these offens that the the work one, and whack too, I are uprooted things that I never really knew was rooted inside of me. I really I discovered an essence of where did my core fears come from, my root pains? Why was I scared of people leaving? Why did I stick out toxic scenarios so long? Because it all went back to childhood. So during childhood, between the ages of zero, two seven, it's the period of when we start to make our belief systems up. We just upset whatever we're exposed to. We learn and there was a lot of heartbreak and abandonment going on there and rejection, and that basically rooted in me subconsciously, and I would act out behaviors linked to those earlier routines that took place in the childhood. So, be in a relationship, I would stay there for so long because it was a case of well, I want to receive love, and why would I walk away from love? Who Does that? But for me, it wasn't walked away from love, it was that I was used to being abandoned. To stay in even in a somewhat toxic situation, was okay for me. I realized that I had abandonment issues. I had fear judgment issues. So if you put me on the stage, it just wasn't happening. So I would not go on stage and speaking public and things like that. I had image issues, identity issues. So with my identity issues it was linked to the fact that my mother and father's my mother's said Lucian and my father's Nigerian, and I wasn't fully accepting either side because of that whole rivalry between the West Indians and Africans. So I was too dark for one, too Western for the other. I was to culture for one, to UNCULTURAL for the other. So I was never quite good enough just being me. So I grew up having a lot of internal conflict, fear of getting things wrong, fear of loss, and so growing up just being in a single parent family, only having my mother around, I always felt a deep fear that if something ever happens to my mother, I would be alone, I would be abandoned, I would not have what it needs what it takes to continue. So if you imagine being everything to everyone and now embarking on this dream, this journey of self discovery, it wasn't just moving like wow, like I've chosen to do this, it was like my whole world had been shaken upside down. Okay, so imagine someone just come along and just literally thrown dust into the air. Everything was everywhere and, cut a long story short, at the end of whack too, that's the want to they arch us. How will we go into the world and pay it forward, so to speak, and share our learnings with...

...others? I jumped up. Okay, it was impromptu, it was a spiritual reaction, because that was not so that I would have logically or felt of doing, like yeah, let's just stand up in the crowd of people. But you know, I was exposed to the teachers, the learnings, Gareth, and there was so many people that we had in the room that was facilitating you, and one was there. I met some amazing friends that I've still got in my life today, and I remember our ore in, our facilitator was absolutely amazing, Johnny, and we had such a transformational time and I saw grown men, six foot five walk into the room confident, all walking out crumbled in the feetal position. So there was so much vulnerability in that room and it was such a safe space to grow. It's by the end of two weeks where we spent like just hours and hours in the room, lockdown in Eachha from like eight thirty in the morning until eleven o'clock at night, back to back, day after day. You got in it was dark, because it did the period of time I was studying and like traveling and train. My left home when it was dark and I came back and it was dark, so didn't really get contact with outside world. And two after those two weeks and Lorn behold, what you and said was quite right and that's what propelled me to just jump up and leap out. Me See, I said, I'm going to write a book. I love because I was dia. Those with this next young and they told my mother that I had learning difficulties when I was in school. I had died twice, three times during childhood, and they said if I survived the final time, I would live with brain damage. So all of the judgment and the fear and everything else that used to be there wasn't there. At the same time, never had a desire to write a book, and it came from the heart because, as you know, like I said, I had the mobile singer Mather's project, which became this mobile singer parents project, and I said I'm going to share of my parents and the best way to get it to them is in the form of a book. Now, I had never written a book, I had never had authors in our lives up on to that point, what least not in the in the context of me having those conversations with them about book writing or me becoming an author. And it was never a desire of mine. And they said, Oh, Sabrina is going to share. So all of this happened before they actually said okay, share. You were supposed to raise you have. So I started to go in this rampage of appreciation and my God, and I know who I am, and I was just doing all observed in my actions and my articulation at the time, because one of the things that we did that was quite interesting for me is that we listed out with what on something called values and dissertation, so elicit to bring out and I always talked about finances and I always talked about boundaries but, as you knew, I had no boundaries because I was a free for all. You are to me, what drink I like? I didn't want to make a problem. I'd say anything you ask. I'd like to eat. I would eat anything. So there's no essence of choice decision in me. I wouldn't even make decisions about my own garments that war and always say on them will come with me or someone else will come with me, because I didn't trust myself. I didn't start making decisions. To ask about thirty four, thirty five and and I was just going on and going on. What's going to be in the book and how it's going to be.

And you know, I believe every single word that I said. I said I'm going to call it Lone parenthood, essential tips on how to create the life you deserve. And little do we know, sometimes when we a bark on the journey of Selfdiscovery or entrepreneurship, the people we go out to help is the person we wants. was. And inside of that book I encompassed all of the lessons that I learned, the processes that I learned, the self realizations and actualizations and things that I had to do, and one of the things I definitely had to do was let thy truth set you free. I had to be ready to face the truth of what my fears were. I had to be ready to own up and say what it was, because otherwise I wouldn't I've got the breakthrough as I had. I had to say, like I was told many a times, I wasn't good enough, I didn't deserve you know, if your father doesn't want you, who else would? I had to be honest and open with what was hurting me, what was making me have those pains with regards to how my husband interacted me and men felt made me feel really insecure and unloved and unvalued, and I appreciate it. See, I felt very lonely in my life for a very long time and I wanted to be that person, be that Sabrina that I needed in my life to the people I was with. So I made the pledge to do this for my clients, and there were some clients that I had in mind to absolutely wrote the book as if it was a direct conversation with them, and I'm proud to say that today I have actually published that book. In fact, I've done up until the further edition and when I look back, it's absolutely monumental. And I did come out of that building looking at life with new eyes. So much change from me so quickly. But what was quite interesting is that a lot change for me. So when you look at the things differently, what you look at changes. Now I was able to see things so much differently, even if things altercations happen. In contrast, showed up the way I interactive with people. But one thing that I really liked is that I started to insert healthy boundaries into my life. Breakfast time was a time that we all got to eat, and I would be happy and lovingly say, I'm that's myney's drink and I can get you a drink if you'd like. Some are if I wanted to, I would say how that's it, or I would love and me say, you know, you can have a little bit of Mommy's breakfast, but mommies to eat as well, and I would happily go shop him, but now I would actually put into the shopping basket things that I was so loved, because because that I now realize that I was important to put into my life, that I was the one that was important enough to start making choices for me and certain healthy boundaries saying no, and that was the hardest lesson. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn is that let your yesvs and let you'll mode in now and you can find this book actually in any bookstore online and on Amazon internationally, and that was the tru essence of me deciding to get it done then get it right. And this is what I really want to entitled this podcast, because it's in our getting it done then getting it right that really liberates you. And I'll give you an example of this that I have to laugh because I admire the woman I was in order to become the person I am today, because when I published my book, I had no book right in mentor there was no one around that I actually went to to do. That was certain that I did as my own personal journey.

So I published it. If you could imagine like an off whiteish yellow paper with very old English swirly writing, I guess I could have describe it to like Williams shaped spear, that kind of ear of writing, as my font type, quite large font type. And Yeah, I published this book and a friend of Mine at the time invited me to a Robert G Allen book event. She's like, Oh, you've become an orphan out. We really good to know how to take things the next level and I thought it was amazing that just came out. It was a first time going. I attended with fun. I attended with the Shay, actually my oldest daughter, and there we met a beautiful woman called Dawn Gibbins. His now Dune Cocks, that's done cocks, and it was jess may painter who invited us and we attended and that back place. I was like, yeah, I'm an all fartend everyone, I'm an old far was really happy that was finally sharing my message and stepping into my power. And the adversity that I had to encounter in order to write that book is something that really shocked me, because my husband resented the fact that I was writing the book of my my map book was smashed and so much went through. I was constantly challenged with me trying to be mean. Only it bought a lot of disturbance at home and I recall looking back and being so excited because for people the celebration and liberation was that I had a book, but for me. It's symbolize the awakening of me in reinserting myself into my life. You see, sometimes there's a there's a duality going on with regards to celebration. People celebrate what they see, but you celebrate what's belief, the iceberg, what people cannot see, what you've had to overcome, the self doubt that the negative self to all of the judgment, all of the pain, trials and tribulations that go on behind closed doors that people are not aware of. And Robert Jianna and I had a managed to develop a relationship. So I asked him to write my book forward, and there's a process, as you can imagine, to do this and I remember submitting, getting to the end step of the process and submitting my manuscript. I was absolutely elated, for there I am, a published author, on top of the world, liberated. Got This message back from him in his PA Angie and bless you, like, why is this? And in the nicest possible way. You know, we develop this relationship. So it allowed us to actually talk and guide each other. You see, feedback is his space for growth and I was just kind of blown away as that. Oh, it burst my bubble off a bit as like all what I done, I want wrong, and he said, like, you can't publish your book like that. I was like, it's not. Kind of is not a case of can I published? Is already published. What you need me to do? So I had to literally jump on the call straight away of my publishers and say I need to know how to resubmit a new manuswe it because Robert Gialla with all these expertise, you know, he has written some phenomenal books and the millionaire code. Like, check out Robert G Allen. He's associate with people like Jack Cranfield, chicken sup for the salt, chicken soup for the soul, so many like great people around him. So obviously, who am I going to listen to? Me Myself, who's a new beat the industry, or him? So I got on it straight away, and this is what you have to be mindful and open to doing, and I really urge you as a listener please, when you're getting feedback, is going to grow you, expand you to such an extent that you can now embody your next version, the version of you that you need to...

...become in able to attain your deepest desires. Take Heed. Don't don't boil away and say why me and beat yourself up about it. Taking so I listened and he told me what was wrong with it, but he also told me how to move forward and I was open to receive in it. So I was like, okay, and now I know what's up with it. What do I now need to do? He told me what font type to have. He told me to put it on white pay because when people reading for long periods of time the concentration spam will go away and obviously fun type is really important as well as so I took heed of all of those instructions and today he is now the book forward for myself and for the shame and Trey Shan. Because one another magical thing happened by attending is that the shame actually got investment for an APP idea, auntie bully, and APP that she had at the time from dawn. She the pict during lunch and let dawn kindly and lovingly seeded some finance into that idea, which was absolutely remarkable. But to lay on that, she, my daughter, was in this atmosphere of authors becoming current and she was asked the question like what book are you you write in because the room was for authors and they just had the assumption that she had written a book or was in the process of doing so, and she said interesting me, as a child I loved our arts. So she didn't say I'm not writing a book. She said I'm working on something. I'm just not sure not, because she must have had our own thought process going on right. And they said, well, what's the title of that book? And just like that she said kids, that's dream big. With a said, you know, as our kids do, they're so awesome. And I looked at her and dawn looked at her and there was a few ladies around the table or at lunch and we that's an awesome idea, like wow, like when did you come up with that? Shows like just now, and I'm really pleased to say that today the Sha is a proud author of kids that dream big. It was actually published simultaneously alongside my book. It was a very healthy competition that we had as a family. My daughter said to me you're going to write a book. I'm going to write going to write one for kids and said it was easy peasy mom and she wrote this book and she kind of published author Wardwin and author. She became a public speaker, she was off school and attended with me because she went through the horrendous experience with being bullied and also so remarkable. My daughter inspired me to be more and to do more and I really thank you and for being such a pinnacle part of that journey of me becoming, really starting planting that seat to becoming. And you know, we never fully become. We be for a bit and then we become another version of self and we keep going. So it's not like I did it and I got the job done. It's a continuation of self evolution. And Yeah, so Leche published that today. She is a proud founder of Steppingstone Publishing House. I've gone ahead and set up dreaming Big Together Publishing House and as a family. We each have our own public publishing platform. So in the Shaw has hers, I have mine, Trey Shawn has influence of Publishing Yasmine has the choices, Yours Publishing House. Howlow has adventurous publishing and a mere has I am publishing and my mother has Mary Paul Publishing House. So we've all gone ahead and created our own brands. We've got into public speaking. We run workshops at Virgin Money Lounge thanks to the amazing young man called Sinil Chunney. We have run workshops our family today, family workshop at Chelsea football ground thanks to an amazing...

...gentleman called Carl self well and James McDonald. We also work in partnership with absolutely amazing Brunel University, thanks to another woman that I really in awe of called Leslie Warren. The boys have a personal trainer called Ben Green, effectivate. They have their own mentor as well. Patricia and has a mental called rge and pallion that there's always financial education. Muhammad dinner of emotions and powerment and he mentors actually all the kids as well, very close family friend. We have so many different people in so many ways are coming and out of our life and the list as long, and I don't mean to offend anyone that we've not mentioned. We've gone on journeys to learn public speaking. Of Andy Harrington, met show, a Chapman there and so being down when miles fire and tosing or the new see and so on and so forth, and toes and came to arsenal because my son ran a workshop there called bridge, in the gap between fathers and sons toes and drove all the way down from Norwich to facilitate and assist Trey Shan board breaking session during his workshop. So we've had many people come in and out of our lives. And the reason I say I shared that core aspect with you and I feel that that aspect is so important, is because if I wasn't first able to go and heal the wombs, nurture, d root and build my vessel back up, I wouldn't actually be able to be the vessel to carry others going forward in the way that I was able to do it. So I would have continued, but not in the way that I've been able to go forth. So I was really didn't diminishing the essence of WHO I was. We're able whereby now I've got all these tools and practices and plays. I mean to replenish what was taken away. Okay, so I really urge you, as a listener like take from this what you can, but more importantly, I really really hope you take away the essence of get it done, then get it right. You know, I didn't have to be perfect in terms of publishing my book, but that I was able to give myself an opportunity to get it right once I'm around the right people. I wasn't the best public speaker when I got on stage, when I realized that I had a message to share and then most people's lives that I could impact. You see, if I wasn't able to cherish the sacredness in what God put in me to deliver to the Bard. Because, and here's the thing the daughter says, is that no one can dance your dance, no one can walk your wall and no one could sing the song. And I truly believe that each and every one of us is a unique piece to the puzzle, and that includes you. So if you don't show up, it's like display in a puzzle with one missing peace. That's exactly what I believe about the world, is that we all have something that we can teach and we all have something that we desire to learn in abundance and in so much ways, more than you could possibly imagine. So don't ever underestimate what you bring to the table, because the truth is, without you, there's a missing piece, and I'm sure that we will both agree that with the missing peace doesn't look as good wood on display, because you would always look to say there's a piece missing. And I really urge you to reflect on the fact that if you don't start sharing your sacred gifts, the truth is it's selfish. And that was one of the things that got me going, is that who am I to deny my sacred gifts from someone who needed that Sabrina in their life? Because I sure knew that I needed that and when you and showed up as my Sabrina in my life, I show knew that I appreciate that. So don't go for...

...the masses. Not everyone has to love. What you like is like Marmite. So I love it so and don't love it. And that's not the reason why you get activated. You get activated because you know, like you know, and you believe in your message with all of your heart, all of your being, on the core of your soul, okay, and that's the only reason that you should ever share that true com message is because if you can just touched the heart of one person, that's one family, that you can totally transform the jetry of their lives. And my big message that I started out with was that children are not to just be seen and not heard, because I believe that each and every child as a treasure inside them. Each and every child is the answer to their ancestors prayer, and that includes you, and I'm not just talking about children, also talking about you're inner child, but in a child that has been constantly burden in you every time you go to bed and every time you get up, with that one thing that you wish you could share, but feel that you don't have the money, you don't have the resources, you wouldn't know where to start. What I'm here to say to you just get started, get it done, then get it right, because after shift happens and if we don't plant the true today, you don't see the oak tree hundred years down the line. Would you agree? So really a hand the baton over to you, and the question I'm going to ask you is that what are you going to choose to plant? You see, nature shows us the best examples. We have the period when you have to turn the soil, because you can't just plant unless you's turn the soil, and those periods in life can be very painful, but despite the pain, they are purposely there. In order to prepare for the seeding stage. And once you plant the seed, it then somewhat seems like Oh, nothing, not much is happening because I can't see anything. Nothing's happened above soil. But beneath the soul, just rest ashore, shift is happening and as that little seed starts to erupt with life and has that the strongth to penetrate the soil that sometimes it is quite dark beneath the soul and it's very uncomfortable. But you're in the darkness and you think they can't possibly be light. I don't possibly feel that I can penetrate. But it does. And sometimes, once you've penetrated, the winds will change and the storm will come and it will be call all the the seasons will come. PA still able to grow, you still able to find stability in the eye of the storm, and that's a bit like our life. And if we can stay steadfast to our vision, stay steadfast to our passion and come from a place of love, light and the best possible intentions, those people will come along to nurture, to water. And it's at the time when you get to the fifty years or even just before that the first year, the Tenth Year, the twenty five year, the fifty year, and then you look back and go there was a time when I was in so much darkness and I never knew that I would be here today with this level of deep rooted connection to sell this broad view of awareness and branches of visions that stem in every direction, beyond your wildest dreams. So I send you love, oceans of love, and I wish you help well and continued happiness from this day for in the direction wherever you choose to plan, and I really hope that listen to this inspires you to get planted. So, like I said before, get it done, they get take care by I.

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