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Episode #70: Interview: Kesha Williams BA (Hons)



Kesha Williams BA (Hons)

Forbes Featured Founder & CEO of Award Winning ColorBlend Makeup | Makeup Expert | Makeup Artist | Entrepreneur



ColorBlend Makeup is a high performance beauty brand that Kesha created after understanding there was a gap in the market for cosmetics, for women with deep and dark skintones, that wasn't always easily accessible or readily available.

With nearly 15 years of experience working as a Makeup Artist and Beauty Consultant for well known cosmetic brands, Kesha combined all of her artistry and freelance skills, product knowledge and market research to bring ColorBlend Makeup to the market.

Kesha says "ColorBlend Makeup primarily markets to ethnic beauty consumers - who contribute to at least 3bn of the UK spend - and are consumers who want more from brands in terms of, and not limited to; commitments to maintain product ranges, representation in the form of ownership, making it easier to find and source new products and featuring more ethnic consumers in marketing campaigns and the media."
ColorBlend Makeup helps to solve the problem, "why aren't brands doing better to meet the needs of ethnic consumers?" and it is Kesha's mission is to supply more products tailored to the black, mixed race and Asian consumer markets, and create opportunities for them to access products that understand their needs and represent them through increased marketing efforts.

Hidey and welcome back to another episode of discussions and exploration with your host Sabrina been sound me. Today I'm here with a special guest, Keisha Williams, who is in fact the founder of color blends makeup. I am really excited to share with you her journey, her maizing brand and just her perspective on what she's going to share. Keisha, I thank you for joining me and please say hi to our listeners and viewers and tell them a bit about you. Hello, my name is Keisha Williams and I'm the founder of a would winning color been makeup, which is a high performance premium beauty brand that I started a couple of years ago now, when I realize there was a gap in the market pokers metics for women with deep and dark skin tones that wasn't readily available or easily accessible. So my Brad is one that caters to all skin times. But we focus on the needs of the ethnic consumer because, for example, there are one point three million black women in the UK a loan that's been four, two times or three times, sorry, as much on beautiful products of any of their counterparts. So I make it my mission to supply the ethnic consumer you have black, mixed race, from Asian skin tones, with products that understand them and represent their needs. Beautiful, beautiful introduction. You know, listeners and viewing as you in for a treat, so, you know, have your low pads and pain ready to take some notes. Keyshat. I wonder if you can share with the listeners, like what's the story behind the story? What became the driving factor behind your success? Well, I've always had a passion for cosmetics. From many years ago, had many jobs in different industries and when I was younger I used to be a makeup artist and a beauty consultant and I wanted variety in what I was doing, so I went off to do sort of office work and, you know, different jobs, and it was when I got made redundant some years ago I decided I want to start up business and I decided to go with where my passion, you know, came from, which was always initially cosmetics. So got made a doundant and I ended up having to go to uni because I, you know, before I started the business, I was looking for employment and I couldn't get a job straight away, so I went to unit to better my, you know, my chance of getting a job and while I was there I decided that I didn't want to get a graduate job and I wanted to have a business where I could live a lifestyle with more freedom, because I had a newborn sign as well. So it said, okay, what is my passion? Cosmetics. But knowing that, you know, being a makeup artist, can you know, have you on set or or long hours and weekends as well? I said, okay, if I can't, you know, easily do the makeup, I will find a way to make the makeup. So it was the second year, in the second year of UNI, that I've decided to, you know, look at making my makeup and a research and manufacturers and suppliers and, you know, EU law, all alongside my studying and I hope that once I've finished graduated, at once I graduated the I could launch the brand straight away. It wasn't that smooth. Doesn't happen just like that, but that is, you know, how kind of been started and with the knowledge of that had as well, with my previous makeup artistry experience and my, you know, consultancy experience, I took that and I use that to feel the fire really for the beginning of kind of bin. Wow, absolutely beautiful. And you know what I really love is that you said it wasn't easy. It wasn't just a straight road, like it wasn't as easy as people make out to seem sometimes. I think that's so refreshing for our listeners and our viewers to recognize...

...that where they are is okay. I guess not the end. You're going to have down points, you're going to have up points, and I think what's really important in all of that is knowing your why. You know, you're talking about having a young son and wanting to have freedom. That why is what propels you to get out of bed on those not so good days. You know, we all have those days, right. So, Kisia, thank you for sharing that really really touching. So I think for me, because you are the founder of a makeup company, what kind of comes to mind is about acceptance. Now, you and I had a beautiful conversation around this and I'm just like I'd really believe that excess is the difference, that makes the difference, and what I love is that your brand is all about how do I accept who I am and enhance that? How do I present myself, because I think that sometimes makeup can be seen in two different respects, and I really love what our conversation took us is that it's not the layering on. It's not okay, I'm putting on the mast today, I'm putting on the veil. Let me hide away from the world or let me kind of how can I say that? Take it on so I can hide myself away from the world or present to them what they seem as acceptable, but is actually accepting who I am and enhancing that in a beauty. So it's it becomes an artistic representation of how you see yourself and how you love on yourself. So can we talk about your perception around acceptance and how your brand really supports that, how women can learn to love their self unconditionally? Yes, so with us, you know, it is, like you said, it's not about covering up your beauty, it's about enhancing your beauty. And you know, kind of brand is? Is a brand where you know, it's an empowerment brand, and lifestyle brandon, a saids, where it hows how you feel. A lot of our customers, you know, they come back to me with you know, you know, let's say reviews or testimonials, and it's always based on their feelings. You know, I feel so powerful, I feel bossy. You know where my lipstick when I'll go for a meeting and I feel like, you know, I shine in the room, and it's all about loving yourself. You know, ultimately, we don't want to use makeup to cover up, although some people do. We want to use it to, you know, allow people to accept who they are and, you know, in another sense as well with it. With regard to acceptance, it can come as part of a particular mindset. So, you know, outsside of business and maybe on a personal level. You know, acceptance is something that you take on board once you admit a fact. If you're with me, so, for example, if you are looking at people that you are inspired by and you say, you know, I want to be like them, or how do I get there, you have to first accept the fact that perhaps you want where you want to be, and this is the work that you need to put in. You know, it was mental Health Awareness Week last week as well, and you know, we know that business owners and entrepreneurs do can suffer with mental I on this such as you know. You know, anxiety or depression but to recognize that you kind of have to admit I'm not feeling my usual self. I'm not you know who. I'm not feeling like I'm supposed to feel right about now. So exception is key, I think, to a lot of different aspects and facts in your life, but I think it's also power about would you change towards the new and sort of that improved lifestyle as well? Yes, that's that's my take on it. You know, he sh I can't thank you enough for actually connecting this with mental health issues, because I think sometimes we underestimate what it means for different people with different points in their lives. And it really made me have a flashback that I had a client and she said to me that I don't allow my husband to see me without makeup, that the actual fact was in the whole of their relationship he never has...

...seen them about makeup. It went as far as her giving birth and having to go. I don't even want him to see me in birth without my makeup. And again we forget about the mental health side of things and I think it's so beautiful where your brand is all about loving, acceptance and being aware of like, how do I feel right now, where am I at, and and just going up that radiant glow as they apply your makeup. I think it's such a powerful message to have on the backdrop of what it is that color blends makeup really stands for, and I think for me that's such a beautiful message, especially when women's mental health are at stake and it's like, yes, you could be that boss Lady, but you feel even more powerful when you apply the liquid, the lipstick, like you correctly said about your client testimonies and so many different variations. So what would you say, are three of you, the biggest lessons that you've learned in this journey as being the founder of Caliban's makeup or in your personal life? What the biggest lessons that stand out? I think when Color Ben first started or when I plan to launch kin of Bens. In the beginning, like I said, I'd planned to, you know, graduated and wanted to launch the brand straightway and it didn't happen that smoothly and that period of time where I didn't launch the brand and was procrastinating, that just taught me to just start. One of the biggest lessons I learned was just start and just get it done and everything can be, you know, tailored and fixed and perfective along the way. I've always been a perfectionist from, you know, really young, and it can be a hindrance, you know, to you want to get things perfect, you want to put it out in the right way, you know, the right package, in the right message, and sometimes those factors can stop you from starting because you know you're taking too long and overthinking something, and that's definitely what I did in the big getting. So one of my biggest lessons in life is when you have an idea or a thought or a plan, go through it, implement it, because even now, for example, with you know the current climate, what's going on, this could have been planned for perhaps anyone you know before had before we started, was thinking, Hey, you know, I should start this and I should start that, and now you know that might have been slowed down for them somewhat. That is a really big lesson. When you have that, that vision, it has been given to you for a reason, you just start. So that's one of my biggest lessons. Also, actually, fear is a hindrance as well. One of my biggest lessons is to just kind of feel the fear and do it anyway. So again with me, some of the things that I haven't done because I've been too afraid to do has hindered me along my journey and perhaps made the process just a bit longer than it really needed to be. And ultimately, you know, you are the only one that's going to be able to push your vision, your idea, you know, implement it and get it out there. So another lesson is, don't at fear stop you. And finally, you know, don't unders think. Actually, I don't think it too much because again, all three things that I've mentioned have all been hindrances to me at some point in life and therefore my biggest lessons, because now, you know, letting certain things stop me has just it's been a learning curve, and I suppose, you know, I wouldn't, I wouldn't have learned these lessons had I've gone, you know, had I've gone through those yeah, actually, so. So those are, my theory, beautiful, absolutely beautiful. You know, what I really love is that all of those needed for you to be number one, be vulnerable, like being open to just going okay, I accepting this part of me and and in the acceptance of those parts of you will. You were able to evolve and then move on to the next step and become a woman...

...that you are today, and I think it's so good because they're common things that affect many people in different respects of their life. You know, the perfectionism, just wanting to get it done, like what you said, in one essence, it's a it's a really powerful sacred gift, but it can be that one that just stops you from doing anything. It's never quite there's not quite enough, is never it's never ready to be signed. It's like getting it done and getting it right. And I also like the fact that you said to listeners and viewers is that feeling with fear and do it anyway. I think sometimes in life we can be really bogged down with the illusion that people that get stuff done they wasn't scared. People that got stuff done they wasn't quite ready to share. The truth is, when you start listening to stories and people's journeys, half the biggest ideas or success stories weren't quite ready to share. They didn't feel like I'm a hundred percent, even petrified, and then they're like wow, I'm so glad I just took action. So I think I have perfect n share key you. Thank you so much. And and I guess what parts of you, or what part mindsets or did you have to kind of unlearn in order to relearn and house these new belief systems that will powerful and helped you along your way? So I'm learning. I had to, you know, essentially get rid of those, what would you call them, limiting beliefs, I guess. You know, sometimes with with you know, fear or procrastinational perfection, it's should I need to do it like this or I can't do it like this, and they say, you know, if you say that you can, you're right and if you say that your cart, you're also right. So for me it was definitely unlearning those thought patterns and those behaviors of you know, I'm not ready yet, you know I can't do this. And also sort of early on, those books are early on in my in my journey, and even now, you know, a couple of years later, I still think, Oh, you know, can I do this? kind of but it's telling yourself that you can because really, you know, anything it's possible. Anything, it's possible, and you just have to read train. I guess, you're well, I had to retrain my way of thinking and it can be. It's a process because when you thought a specific way for a long time, for many years, it's not just automatic. It's not immediate where you can suddenly start thinking, okay, cool, I can do you can say it, but if you don't believe it, and that's a whole different ball game as well. So you really have to believe where you're coming from, believe what you're saying, your belief systems can be changed and, like I said, that takes time. So that was my I'm learning to relearn. I learn those patterns as behaviors and re retrain them, and that is that was and is a daily you know, a daily process, is a daily thing because in business, you know, things crop up all the time, things change all the time. Now are in this current climate, like I said, that no one could have planned for. It's kind of like everyone's, you know, obviously at stand still. What do we do? You know what's going on, but in essence as well, with what's going on, it makes you, it can make you go back to your previous ways of thinking. That I can't, you know, get through this. I can't now push my business for when I can't, I can't, but you can't UN totally pan if you are, yeah, how I know, pushing yourself in the right direction. I love that so much because it's true, as like the that parallel, the paralyzing fear for some people's like, Oh my God, I was going to start and now this and maybe I shouldn't, and it's not. Actually, you still can, and the only things that step and eating life is change, and I'm so glad that you actually was so open about it. Is because life happens. It would always yeah,...

...but about the flexible and adaptable when things show up, when things change, when the carpets pulled from underneath your underneath your feet, so to speak. And I really love about what you're sharing with our listeners is because it's it's so real. You know, you're not hating a picture going, my gosh, I don't know how I'm going to do that, because that's not me and that's okay for you, but how am I going to sharing ask people? Go? You know, I can deal with this today because the truth is zactly what Keisha said. Mindset isn't just overnight. It really is a work in process and it's this embodiment that we have that when stuff show up, we can start utilizing those techniques that are in our tool box for those days when we're not feeling so good, when they days were facing challenges, for the days that we have our selves doubt and, quite frankly, exactly what Hesha said with regards to it is an on going process, and I love this, listeners and viewers, because Keisha is actually sharing with you the real deal of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Isn't a walk in the park, but he's worth it when you know you're why, when you're loving the dream and it doesn't feel like you're working a day a day because you're doing what you love. It's absolutely worth it, when you can look the people's eyes that you love and say, look, we're building this for us, so everything that goes in is going to pull back onto our so you basically weep all those you know you benefit from all the seeds that your plant in the hearts will come and I really love that about your constant message or flow and keep going and perseverance. And listeners, I'm going to echo what Keisha said. You know, whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right, but the question is, what do you keep telling yourself? That's what's important. What do you keep telling yourself? And as a result of listening to Keisha, connecting up with Keisha, what are you now going to choose to do? Because I think that really is the essences that you get to choose. You really get to choose. So thank you so much, Keisha. So going forward, what what your aspirations for calor blend's makeup? Who Do you want to partner with? Like, if someone's listening to this, that's a brand or collaboration that could be possible. Who Do you want to go out there and have some create some phenomenal exciting projects with? I open to all types of collaborations, I think in terms of, you know, makeup artists. If they want to collaborate, everyone can contact me, you know, by our channels or email. I love to partner with some big brands and really anywhere that sells cosmetics. kind of blend has a place in that environment. So we're looking at, you know, online partnership's not my partnerships with, you know, asace and Berry and you know QVC, and why they has to meet faces. I'd like to open the door to the ethnic consumer market more for them as well. And, you know, even with again, this current climate, we don't know, you know, the future of, you know, department stores and bricks and mortar and places. However, I feel like, you know, once, once this is all over, independent of beauty prayers, like myself, will be creating a buzz in, you know, in a department stores to, you know, bring back the momentum for them as well. So I love to partner with, you know, companies like house of Frasier and self bridges and every dams in those places. Maybe even our own makeup studio in the future, who knows? But right now online, I think yet grand partnerships with those kind of companies would be amazing. So I'd love to do that and we're working on that right now. So watch this space because, you know, women always saying to me, where can we where can we go? Where can we buy it? For physical places as well, where can we go, where can we buy it? So they want to be able to just go out to the shop and pick up kind of blend, you know, if they're essentials that are going to get anyway so, yeah, that would be that would be amazing. So working on grand partnerships right now. How exciting in is that? I can't wait to see...

...the fold. You know if you're watching this or listen to this, but they will be description information in the description alongside so you can reach out and connect to Keisha and her team to see how you can get involved and partnerships and someone and so forth. But you know, I really loved is that we had a lovely conversation about your grassroots desires and how you can touch the hearts and minds of young girls. I felt it was so touching. I wonder if you'd like to share with the listeners. I think it's so needed. I think you know, I remember being a teenager. I remember how Daunton it is, being unconfident and kind of even being at college and just going what am I doing here, like, I don't really know. Everyone says I should be able. So I think it's beautiful that your brand is so much more than just makeup. Is Powerful, definitely. I used to have been through a few colleges in London from London and my purpose there was to motivate young people that were interested in the beauty industry, of the cosmetics industry. And again, you know, when I was at college I didn't know why I was there either. I just wanted to make my parents happy and something to do. I ended up doing beauty therapy there and I found the makeup segment of the beauty therapy course most interesting for me. So that's what stems really, I guess, my passion initially. So I've been to these colleges to motivate these young people and I've realized that a lot of young people are in college, I guess, to fill their time or perhaps the please their parents, and you know, they don't appear to be really, you know, stuck in and and and passionate about their course. So, you know, I went I went there and you know, I just said look, if you're here without your books and your pain and your kids in your uniform, you know why are you here? Because essentially, time of everything and once you know you've wasted this time or you use this time not doing what you want or you're interested in, you're not going to get that back. So I like to speak to the young people about, you know, cosmetics and how they can get into the industry. Than what work experience or, you know, any intern experience. And Yeah, I think it's important for the young people of today as well to have a passion. It's not to say, you know, they need to decide what they want to be at that point in life, because many young people still don't know, you know, what they want to do or to aspire to, and that's okay. But I think if I had somebody that then as well, that could, you know, I ignite that, that passion in me or that fuel of me to say, to know what I want to do this, you know, maybe I could have been well, I wanted to be sooner. However, you know, things up for a reason and I feel like these young people of today can do if somebody like me in the sense of Hey, you know what, I didn't think I could do that. Actually, I like to go ahead and and, you know, make something out of this. So, you know, moving forward of kind of blend. I'd still like to not done that for a little while, but I've still like to reach out to more young people and yet offer them, you know, my knowledge and skills for them to get into the industry. So yeah, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Sounds like absolutely exciting times ahead for yourself and for color bling the account. I wonder if you can leave a departing message for our listeners of you as key Shan. Well, I've got exciting news, first of all, that we are launching some new products in a few weeks and they are based on actually what you know been going on now. Because of Covid we've been offering private makeup classes on zoom and they've been absolutely amazing up and making some amazing people and it's really nice to be able to connect with people as well and bring a human element to the brand.

So we've been doing makeup classes and that has also led to new product launch, which still going to be focused around eyes and brow products and then line of everybody wearing masks, you know, more consistently now. You know, not a lot of people want to wear, you know, makeup as such, but they do want to concentrate on the eye area and the brow area. So we've got, you know, the scar is coming in. You know, these are really good, you know, healthy products as well, because our products are, you know, hypologenic and fragrance free, paraven free. So I'm a scars will contain Bittam and see Bitman a bit many, you know, for the healthy lashes and, you know, Brad products like lioners and geils and eyeshadows and things like that. So that thought's going on with kind of lends in the next few weeks and they will be available for pre order. So I'd like everyone to join the mailing list and keep up to date with what what's going on with kind of lends. And Yeah, my departing message is generally from what we've been speaking about. If you've got an idea now, see, you were in lockdown. You know, just feel the fear and do it anyway. You know, even if you're if you feel like your plans have been halting and been stopped, there's always something that you can do. You can be building your mailing list, you can still be reaching out to people, you know, making connections, building your network, and still, you know, don't stop. Don't stop. Although time I have, you know, feels like it's stopped, it hasn't. So we can still work towards our dreams and and take them seriously. Now as a good time to do so. And yet you can contact me as well on my linked in profile. He's Williams, as my other social platforms. Well, I think will put a link, put a link quietly in. Absolutely yes, we're definitely put information in description. Thank you. Well, thank you very much, you know, and listeners and viewers, I hope that you've enjoyed this conversation as much as I have. Keysha, I just want to thank you for connecting with me in this space, sharing and the exciting news that you you know, of your new launch coming up, when I know there's many more to come. So you know, I wish you continued health well from success in this journey is absolutely amazing and I will be watching eagerly as you have organically evolved from strength to strength and it's just a pleasure your radiant essence when you present and when you share, and I know that by being there and questioning those young people and being there and having that you and component like you quite rightly said, that's the difference. That makes the difference. When you show up, everything changes. The Observer changes everything. So listeners, you know, rewind this, listen to it again, over and over again as much as you need to just to grasp the beautiful message that Keisha Williams, founder of color blend's makeup had the beauty to actually share with us from a place of love and care, and I really thank you for doing that. Take care of yourself, Keisha. Thank you, thank you, thanks for having me by.

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