Life According To Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc
Life According To Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc

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Episode #71: Interview: James Porritt


About James Porritt - Peak Performance Coach at Magnetism

These are unprecedented times. In times of great crisis, leaders emerge. The world needs real leaders now, more so than ever before. I facilitate the transition process for these committed individuals who are ready to invest into themselves now.

I have been prepared, primed and groomed my entire life for these conditions we now find ourselves in.

I help my clients gain much needed clarity, perspective and closure on very deep and personal things that have been troubling their thoughts, feelings and peace of mind for a prolonged period of time. This lockdown period brings everything to the surface.

I effortlessly guide my clients to powerful and life changing realisations within a very short space of time. What price can you put on your peace of mind and living your truth now? Are you ready to ‘Go Beyond Your Why’ now?

I look forward to connect with you and guide you on your journey to unleashing your true potential.



... host Sabrina been sound me. Today I'm joined of a very special guest called James Parrett. Now, James is an absolute trailblazer in many respects, and as he starts to share these golden nuggets, you'll see exactly why. James, I wonder if you can introduce yourself to our listeners and our viewers, please, yes. So, thanks for inviting me on place to be here. So my name's James Porrett and I'm excited to be on the shore and share my story with you guys. Excellent. So, you know, you said story. Let's start there, because some people knew but some people have never heard of you before. So who is James According to your story? So it's interesting. So, if we look at everything that's happened in our life and where we are now, we're a product of all the choices that we made, all the beliefs that we've had, all the actions that we've taken. So this is where we are. So we can't be upset and grateful because we made the choices, we took the actions and we design those beliefs. And I was having a conversation with someone a couple of days. That's a couple of weeks ago. Spoke again yesterday and something came up in conversation and they said to me, where does that believe come from? And I said already somewhere, and then they said there's that serve you? I thought about I was like actually, know it doesn't, and they said, well, can you let go over it, and I was like sure, and I done that in the space a few moments and I realized through that conversation most people go through their whole lives and they're not able to do that because we get attached to beliefs, two values, two conditions, and it becomes our identity. And I've got a level of awareness and consciouness where I can let go something if it's not serving me. So the reason why I share that story at the beginning is because I'm going to share your account of an individual that I used to know. I'm not this person anymore so and I think it's very important to say that, because I'm very conscious of the words that I use and when I share my story. Every time we say something, we give attention to set something, and when we give attension and focus to it, we give it power and that's what we create. So I'm grateful for the person that I was. I'm grateful for all the choices and the actions that I've taken. I'm grateful for where it's brought me, but I'm no longer that person and I just want to think that clear at the beginning. Does that make sense to radom? Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah. So this individual like the real question comes as to are we a product or environment? And we could be the most loving, caring, sensitive, humble, hard working, law biding citizen on the planet that if we hang around with thieves, robbers drug dealers, eventually will turn into them. It doesn't happen straight away, though. There's a process, and the first usual thing is abhorrence. Are I hate the evil people, they're doing things that are wrong. The next page stage is indifference. They do it, not me, it's not really an issue. And then the third stage is acceptance. Are they've had a bad life, they've got a leg missive, they've had their disability or they've had some bad things happen, so you accept them. And then the final stage is involvement. So you've got abhorrance, indifference, acceptance and involvement. So it's very important to understand those. But growing up I was the oldest of for parents from Sri Lanka and I love Them Two bits and everything I do right now is for them and I'm so grateful...

...for everything that they've done for me. But they didn't really have the tools that you and I have today, Sabrina, and because of that they brought me up and they condition me to live in fear and it wasn't their thoughts. I want to make them clear. I've got so much love for them. They had so much love for me that they instilled in me fear, insecurity, doubt, low self belief, low self esteem, and it plagued my whole life and constantly. My Dad would give me something to do when I was young and I wasn't dude it quick enough for the way that he wanted that, he was like are you're useless, they are take it off a do himself to. That was instilled into me from a young age and severe confidence issues growing up, and I went to an all boys school around my teems it was at all girls school across the road and if there was a girl walking towards me or bunch of girls. I'll cross the road. You don't do that now, Dj No, I'll cross our crowble towards them. So it's like a mirror of who I was. So because of all these things, it had a real impact on my life growing up. I've suffered with anxiety, real bad conditioning, poor belief, lack of self belief, like a self esteem. Because of that, and I didn't realize this before, but it was really the the identity and belief of the person that I have. So what want to do is I'm going to share a few turning points along the way or incidence, as though we're looking at a story. It's almost like it's someone else's story. I'm so far detached from it now as work in the property industry. About nine years ago and I was cleantly depressed. I went eight stones and I wasn't in a good place is at all. I remember turning to work and I come home, friends would call me to go out, I want to go out and on Friday evenings I'd come back from work, I've got to my room and I wouldn't leave my room until Monday morning. When eat, when sleep, when think. I just wasn't in a good place. I was clinically depressed and I've dropped down to eight stones. I was not good at all and at my lowest point, my mom and sister come to the house to come and see me. They put the landing light on and I didn't want ever see me. I'll skin enough. I went hid behind the wardrobe and that's not norm behavior for two year old child, let alone a grow an adult, and that happened to me nine years ago when I was thirty one. So I was rock bottom and I've suffered with clinical depression several occasions, but it lasted almost as long as two years and you had people that were scared to leave in the house. I didn't need my room with our family get together as I won't come down, and I really went into myself. I went into a dark place and that point where my mom and sister come and see me in the room, my mom saw him behind the wardrobe for me out. She was in tears and my sister was like, you saught your life that, because it was impact and everyone, and I remember I was that worked once having to review manager and the next thing I had a paramedics with their asking my name and date of best and I answer them like thinking why they asked me that. And and I had a seizure a bit my tongue blood was coming foaming at the mouth, my eyes were rolled up like cyst and I was convulsive. I was unconscious. I was gone for eight or nine minutes, which is life threatening, and I had three of those in quick succession, one at work, one in the ambulance. Willing Hospital and they put me in antilely drugs straight away and they thought I'd Odeed on crack Cocaineo heroin, but there was nothing my blood it was all clear. They put me antilyptic drugs, as I said, and they've done the test over a period of time, cat scans, mrieg ECG, psychological blood tests, and they were all clear, which all that epilepsy. So the neurals is were confused...

...and I had to kind of figure out things on myself because if I'd listened to the neurologist consultsant doctors, they're all amazing people, but all they want to do is put me on medication because there was no medical explanation. It was inexplicable. They couldn't understand why these seasons are happening and if I'd listened to my neurologist consults and doctors, I'd be drugged up to my balls in bed as a Zombie right now. So I had to go and find alternative solutions. I had to go against the grain and it's very, very difficult. I looked at a lot of different things, nutrition, diet, meditation, tied Chi with what I'm doing now. We can discuss that later, but ultimately I had to travel the path it traveled. I had to go against the grain, I had to go against the medical fashion, against the pharmaceutical industries, and I had to find things that work for me, which led me into an amazing space where I'm now. So very lap grateful for that journey. But it's been a struggle. But, like I said, I didn't understand or realize back then what I know now. But what I realized looking back, it was because of all conditioning, lack of self belief, lack of self esteem, and I'm a very unique individual, by the way. My Body's wide up, is not like your normal human being. Had ADHD in bipolar still kind of it. Really chemical imbalances, PTSD. I had really severe and it's been a struggle. But through all of those. What I realize it was a combination of physical, mental, emotional spiritual environment as well. So in the beginning I was driven by predominantly negative drivers and that's kind of led me to where I am today. So that's half of the story and I suppose we could continue with the rest right. Yeah, yeah, absolutely that, James. How did you manage to turn your poison into medicine? Yeah, because that's that's really was what it was. It was turning by poison far medicine, and it was very difficult because the different elements there. You've got to look at your physical body, what you're pointing into the body, you got to look at the mind and you got to look at the emotions as well, and there's that spiritual aspect as well, with you want to call it religious meditation, tie tie whatever, but there's different elements. And the first thing was I had to get my mind in the right place, and I don't a lot of work on the mind. Ten seminars are red loads of porks. I was involved in the credible industry called network Martin, which is very, very prominent on personal development. So first development was huge. But learn to understand myself, but because it was blocks in me. It took me a long, long time and I've just learned through heartbreak, figures and empty pockets, but I'm so grateful because that's where my greatest lessons that come. So it was seeking out those that could help me. Someone to share a very quick story. Now, if you look at an eagle, and Eagle was king of the skies. It can fly the highest and one day when the Eagle was taken off, there was a tiny little bird and can't fly very high. And what it did was it perched on the neck of the Eagle, the back of the Eagle's neck, and the Eagle didn't even notice it was so small. And then what happened was the eagle took off and it went to its highest point and it when he got to that point, he couldn't go any higher because it's too heavy at that high. Now the little bird doesn't really have that problem because it's so small, but by rights it couldn't get there on its own merit because it was a stowaway of the back of the Eagle. It was at this height, it no longer had the weaknesses of the Eagle. It detatched itself from the Eagle and the current took it even higher. And that's...

...really all I've done my whole life. I've stood on the shoulders of giants and that's very scary when you're doing that because your plane and work with people that are leagues above you. And if you look at that analogy of that bird, it's got hold on for dear life, because Eagle doesn't fly slowly and when it goes really high, scary. And the whole journey I had working with the mentors of coaches, that people I had in different industries, it's very, very scary, but I held on to them, had to face my fears and through that process I was able to transform my mindset. I was I've learned the self coach. I can coach others. I can change my belief system immediately. I've got that level of awareness. Also with the emotional side. I was able to develop my emotional intelligence, my social awareness with people as well, and I've done a lot of detoxin. I started detox in several years ago. We are done intermitted pasting. I've caught caffeine, our core sugar, wet blue and dairy process food at my diet and I'm very excited with the current work that we do with redox by chemistry, which is on a cellular level, and breakthroughs we're having extraordinary and that's been profound impact of my life as well. So there's a whole array of things that I've done. When I work with people, I go into great detail with amazing, absolutely amazing, so captivating. Actually listening to the transformation and the fact that you were able to do that and just be open, transparent but also vulnerability, comes up for me is that that's not easy journey to have and listeners and us, I think it's so such a gift that James is able to be so open and transparent. So really nessist you with your journey, because this isn't for the faint heart. It isn't you just switch over and you wake up one day and everything's okay. You Know James was really bid or he's really been very open and vulnerable. But what was his fears? What did he go through? You know what was going on for him at home. You know when people at he couldn't even come out of his room. So I think you know, no matter where you are in your life, when you're listening to this, I think there's definitely something to take from this. Share and thank you for the story. You know, stories are so powerful call it enables then and the viewer to attach it to their life and anyway that really resonates with them. So thank you for sharing that. What I'm really intrigued to find out and share with the listeners is how do you share your knowledge, perspective and wisdom with others? How can people get involved? How can people become a part of Your Life Journey? So it's a great question. The best way is just to connect with me, reach out, and what I found is I think my greatest skill is people just kind of find me. I love connected with people. That's what I realized. With anything that I do, at the core of what I do is the people, and there's loads of different businesses that I'm involved with that. I've got incredible associations for that, Ambassads for that I'm very, very grateful for. But what I've realized over the years is product doesn't move the people. The people move the products. And most businesses what they do is they use the people to build a business, whereas what I do is, whatever I do, I ensure that I use the business to build the people ups. So what we do is actually creating leaders. And typically how people start working with me is we just become friends. We connect on a very deep level. I share my story and it's crazy. Now it's like I've dealt with everything I've need to deal with. It taking me this part of two decades, and grace flows through me. I'm the beacon of light and hope and I'm a powerful magnet and I'm attracting mazing souls from across the globe and we're all coming together, we're aligned and we end up working together and doing amazing things and I start impacting them more so, looking back on the journey, how people started working with me is they typically reach out to me, we have conversations, we begin friends, become friends and sometimes...

...we start working immediately together. Some people are only started working together after twelve months, after two years, after three years, some after five, six or seven years. So it's unfirm believer that nothing happens before it's time. Everything happens at the perfect moment in the perfect way, and share another stories. WORLS like we've got a table and we served our food and everyone's fighting for the scraps underneath the table, but the plate that served on the table is for us. It's not meant for anyone else. But what we got to do is, once we deal with our own fears, our own dark as, our own demons, and we get over that, we know our self worth. And I've realized everything comes down to really lack of belief, lack of Selfworth, lack of self love, and we just don't feel enough. But when we feel enough and we learned to love ourselves, except ourselves, we feel that we worthy. We Fall in love with our dream, we fall in the love with the work that we do. We just elevate and rise and we're like, oh the tables there to plate with it all the time. So typically just through having conversations with people, and then a lot of people come on as clients, coaching clients, and then, once I helped them get breakthroughs, there's so many other tools and resources that I can help them based on their needs, but the initial way that people will get in contact with me is I just helped them through whatever they're going through. No matter where they are life, I can break through and I'll share a quick testimony. If that's okay, absolutely go ahead. Yeah, and this, this really blew me away and I really need to get out this out more so carly is a very good friend that I connected with and Carlye used to be a professional counselor. She trained trainers that train people up on Suicide Watch. She worked in the courts with people in Rehab with the forensics. She's a professional speaker, professional writer. She was a singer, she was featured on two albums and she's been through a journey. She's had brain damage and she came back from the brinks and then we became friends and I didn't realize the impact I was making on her life and then she shared this with me and we've just become so such good friends and now really good friends, with working together and were impacting lives together and that's what really excites me. And she said James has an ability to meet you where you are and communicate effectively and productively. Whether he's speaking, teaching or coaching. James demonstrates a season level of knowledge and experience and a passion for what he does. He has an understanding of emotional telligence and an ability to engage in connect with others authentic. This will no doubt propel him into being an incredible force in his field of expertise. He's a gift that you will underrap long after you meet him. Wow, I know I want what. When I got that message I was like, wow, this is what I'm meant to be doing. It's it's my life purpose. And then another lady who is a friend and we also become business partners as well. She was going through some really difficult stuff. She's a single mum, went through divorce and works hard and during lockdown shoes, she's a senior HR business partner a company. She was resolved order furlough within three hours. Very stressful job, got two kids, building a business on the side and stressed out the Max. And she reachs out to me and I just started helping her and she said you've helped me gain much needed clarity, perspective and closure on some very deep and personal things that have been troubling my thoughts, feelings and peace of mind for last seven months. It's lockdown period brought everything to the surface. You're amazing at how you guided me some powerful and life changeing realizations within two sessions that I've no...

...doubt we'll save me many years of in a turmoil. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful. You tooful. How did it feels read those? It makes me feel that this is what I'm meant to be doing, this is my calling, this in my purpose, and when you fall in love with yourself, you fall in love with the dream before, in love with the work that you do and you're living on purpose, in purpose, it's just an amazing feeling. And there was another lady that I connected with and she she's extraited. She brought up on a military base, travel the world, extremely highly skilled, exceptional with photography, images, communication of marked him and she was seen a coach for six to nine months. They're having conversation, well, not conversation, six nine month period and I started speak and I helped to get great through within five minutes and I don't know what they were doing the other coach, but I just help people get break through. Beautiful, beautiful James. I think it's so beautiful because one of the processes that we have in our family, we discussed quite a lot, is that we hurt, we heal and then we can help and it's a choice and I think it's at yes well us that you've gone out there and just said Hey, like, I'm here, and there's not a case you've done it at the end when you've got to your place that as long as I've known you you've always been helping people and in during when you're going through stuff, during your healing, you've consistently been there for others and I think it's such a beautiful gift that you've got to do that. And you know, sometimes people say, Oh, you need to have it finished or sorted out or understood before you help others. I disagree. I think it's so noble and beautiful and wonder us that you are able to do and be so much to so many people, despite what we go for ourselves. So, you know, I really take her off to you and salute you for the amazing work that you're can seen you into do, not only in your life but in the lives of so many through the works that you do for your own company and the companies of the other associations that you have and, you know, listeners and viewers, I really hope that you've enjoyed this conversation as much as I have, as I've certainly gained a lot and I love your storytelling. I think there's so much power behind that and just just your essence, the essence that you bring you, if you just got, is lovely presents about you, lovely gift of presence, service and just being there, meeting people where they're at, like you said. So, listeners and viewers, if you desire to get in touch with James James, can you let the listeners and viewers know how they can connect with you? Any social media links, like, any way they can get in touch, if you please. Yeah, the best way to connect with me you can connect with me on facings port. If you just type in James Port, I'm usually the first one. I'm your still trying to find out what they're doing right and a coaching people at the same time. So there was as human beings, we all trying to be perfect right and we're striving for perfection. What happens is, the moment we hit perfection, God takes us back, because the world is not filmed with perfect people. It's filled with imperfect people and we just learned to accept our imperfections and floors and once we do, then we're able or to make a difference in the lives of others. Beautiful. I love that. You know, you've just given me a flashback. Actually, one of Lachey's first talks, public talks, was at transformation house and you must have been around eleven, going on twelve. Wow, people speaking alongside bill? Oh God, Bill Morrow, is it? Oh, he's really are you? I know, you know this guy, definitely a clary lag. So it was bill, Dr Mark, the late Dr Mars Morow and some other speakers from around the world. There was very interesting. She had this talk put together, she...

...was rehearsing at home, but when she got on stage she was led by spirit and she asked the audience, can you finish this sentence? So she said to the audience, practice makes and then she gave him a couple of minutes to just discuss it with their partners. And you know, she didn't ask them. What does it mean like? What the what's the completion of the sentence? And, James, I invite you, what would be the most easiest normal thing to say? Practice makes what? Well, I know what it makes for me. Practice for me back to permanent. Right, practice makes permanent and the game is no wronger, right answer and she had such distant at that age and people said practice makes perfect. Why? Because that's what we've often been taught and game. And she said practice doesn't make perfect she said because perfection means that you're completed. She said practice makes improvement, because the in this base for continuous improvement throughout your life. And I was just like so taken back because, yeah, actually, in a finment with your story is that we tend to strive for so much perfection. Listeners and viewers really take heed to what James is really touching on right now is that are you just putting too much pressure on yourself to be that perfection? Now, the truth is the paradox of knowledge is that the more that you know, the more you realize there is to know. So it's one of those things that you never quite get to. We never get it done. That's just a beauty this playground that we get to call life is. That is a continuation of an involvement and organic unfoldment and organic ecosystem where we just keep expanding, taking fort beyond beyond what fault wants. Was So yeah, thank you like for giving me that flashback because it's a really beautiful memory that triggered me to remember. I wonder, what's a final message that you would like to share with the listeners and viewers, James? Okay, ones, so many, but I think in live with what you just said. I think let's focus on that, because we strive for a perfection as human beings, because we're condition as a children do everything perfect and to we have these big expectations. But if we get rid of the expectation and we just look at life for what it is, very wise. Person said to me. This individual was a billionaire, so they were quite successful and affluent and it's seen a lot and they said to me. They said change is three stages in life, said you're either in a crisis, just getting out of a crisis or just about to head into another crisis. He said the only guarantee in life is change and it's going to be a crisis, there's going to be chaos, he said. So don't hope for perfection, don't pray for perfection, don't desire perfection, because it will leave you feeling insecure, vulnerable and unloved and unworthy. He said, just accept life for what it is, accept your flaws. Except the way the world is and ultimately, we can't control anything outside of ourselves. We can't control the weather. We can't control what other people think and feel about us. Are they behave to us, towards us, how they act towards us? We can't control lockdown, which is what we're going through now. Can't control the government, we can't control finances outside, we can't control anything. There's only two things that we can control, our attitude and our actions. How we feel, think, believe about ourselves, and that's why it allays comes down to. So as long as we can accept our imperfections, love our flaws, love ourselves, love our Dream Fall in love with the work that we do, then we're coming from a space of love. And then it really doesn't matter what's going on, because we don't need to become better, we don't need to become superior, we don't need to evolve, we just accept things from what we are. And when we can let go of everything and just love, when we don't need anything, and when we can become still and when we can accept being alone, then universe just comes from us, because there's no need.

And if we need things, and basically what's happen is we're coming from a space of lack and scarcity, and that's what we're sending out to the universe and other people and that's what brings is brought back to us. So if we can learn to master the art of just being content and grateful, then wherever we want will naturally find us, because what we seek also seeks us. So, in ending that, don't strive for perfection, strive to love yourself perfectly as you are. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, James. Thank you for joining me in this space. Thank you for sharing your message. I feel quite send out. I can't speak. Yeah, just listeners and viewers are you know, get me. I will be put in information about what James Does and how to reach out to him in the description of this audio and the Youtube video and you know wish, I really hope, that you rewind, pause, take notes, listen to it all over again as much as you need to, just to get all of the golden nuggets at James has so kindly shared. James, thank you and I wish you continued health, wealth and happiness in your life journey pleasure. Thank you, Sara.

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