Life According To Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc
Life According To Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc

Episode 72 · 2 years ago

Episode #72: Interview: Ernest Gains & LaToya Smith founders of The Profit Room


The Profit Room

We are professional traders in which we specialise in Technical Analysis with a systematic approach to trading any markets. From Stocks, Bonds, Futures or Forex, the TA concepts remain the consistent variable in yielding high returns in the markets.

We decided to come together and form The Profit Room due to the smoke and mirrors seen within social media/ trading Industry.
Each and EVERYONE on the team TRADES FOR A LIVING. We have over a decade of knowledge and consistency to help others achieve financial success in the markets.


The Profit Room is community, a family helping other families supplement their current income or replace their income by finding success in investing/trading.  Learn more about our story.


To Financially empower people by sharing advanced trading knowledge and success with the proper processes; as a result creating affluent traders.


To show full Transparency and to focus on high probability trade setups. No front Running or trading low float stocks (disadvantage for newbies)


Providing the Best Service, focused on wealth building concepts for our clients. As well a structured course to create “freedom traders”



Ernest career as a skilled labor started right out of high school while he worked in his family business of HVAC (heating and air conditioning).  He then landed a job with a well known company which was consider a “lottery” where many guys never left and worked until retirement because of the abundance of pay.  In 2008 during the financial crash, Ernest took it upon himself to take classes on how to read the financial papers and seek mentorship on how to understand the stock market.  In the process of mastering the skill of trading, he also built a real estate portfolio.  Ernest dedicated his time to perfecting the skills taught and eventually left his “lottery job”.  Ernest specialises in trading GAPS daily.  He also has a unique ability to find high-probability Swing Trade Set Ups.  He focuses on maximising the best possible entries and exits in each trade.  Besides being a full-time active trader with over 13 years experience, Ernest is the visionary behind constructing the educational materials for The Profit Room.



In 2006 Latoya was introduced into the stock market by forming an investment club with friends. Latoya believes in wealth building through the means of the stock market. She worked 5 years in corporate America in the investment banking industry learning the processes, structure and the various instruments/Investments that were offered.  In 2008 Latoya purchased her first house.  In 2012 Latoya decided to leave her career in investment banking and pursue her passion which was trading the markets for a living. She is well known for her charting techniques and pattern recognition which enables her to profit in all markets.  With over 13  years of investing and trading experience Latoya’s goal is to help more people achieve financial freedom the same way she did.  In 2016 Latoya co-founded The Profit Room LLC . She provides mentorship and hands on live training in the stocks, forex and futures market, as a way for others to achieve generational wealth.

Hi there, and welcome back to another episode of discussions of exploration with your host Sabrina been found me. Today I'm here with two super, super special guests, Latoya and Ernest, all the way from the US, and they are co founders of the Prophet Room. Now today, the two of them are coming here to join me in this space to talk about empowerment, and for me, I was super excited about this conversation for a number of reasons, but primarily for the obvious one. Finances. You See, finances is something that usually excites one or make someone terrified to the point of feeling quite paralyzed, because they could say, feel shamed to discuss it. So, you know, welcome to the platform, Ernest and Latoya. Please introduce yourself to our listeners and our viewers and we'll take it from there. Everyone. I am Latoya. AM coming from the US, specifically by some Massachusetts, and I'm one of the CO founders of the Prophet Room and I'm excited to be here. Thank you for having us. Werena, welcome. Excite to your cell phone is Yep, my name is Ernest. I'm here on the proper roomcom I'm located in New Jersey looking in New Jersey, and what we do is we teach people how to trade and invest in a different financial markets, the different currency markets throughout the world so they can build selfsufficiency and all, also be able to empower themselves and also create, you know, income retirement and be able to pass that on for a generational wealth. Excellent. Thank you for excellent introduction, both of you. I guess we'll get stuck right in and just say like why. You know, I think when we start with why, it makes perfect sense as to everything else. So we've got a very wide scope of listeners and viewers. Like why the Prophet were? Why Finances? Why traded? When you look at the financial markets, it's an opportunity for everyone. It doesn't matter what socio economic area you are from. It doesn't matter if you're rich, it doesn't matter if you're from the slums, it doesn't matter at all. Finances control the world, no matter what job you have. You could be a truck driver, you could be a taxi driver, you can be a school teacher, you could be a lawyer, you be a doctor, some form of item product that you use has something to do with finances and what happens is when you understand that and you can participate in that particular market, you get that empowerment and control. So if that taxi driver is driving at specific car right, that car is a certain model, or if he's using a certain radio in order to communicate the headquarters, that's a certain model. All of these things are used in order for us to make the world go around. And when you open up a brokerage account with trading or investing, it's like you going into your own bank. They don't Google to see what street you're from, they don't ask you for the university you went to, they don't ask you. You know, sometimes I ask you what color, but it really doesn't matter. They just want your money. That's it. So in the market is the same thing. They just want your money, but if you educated, you're able to pull money back out, and that's the thing. They don't judge you based on how you look, how you sound, how tall you are, your shape. It's a open playing field when you deal with the financial markets, and that's was one of the reasons why we push that education, because these charts that you see in the back aren't racist or sexist, you know, they just charts and they when everybody wants your money like that, so excellent. Is a little playfield. I love that. It's all about the money. What you're put in a Latoya. Would you like to add to that? Yeah, exactly what Ernest said, I think he phrases it in the best way possible. was just about you as a person, and that's that's one of the things I personally like about the markets and me getting involved in the field as a profession is that I don't have to ask for a raise, I don't have to do anything based on a certain standard that someone set for me or anything like that. The standards I set for myself.

If I want to raise, I give myself a race. So one thing with the markets not only it reveals the true you or how you are as a person in a sense, but you're able to control what you're able to get from the markets, and that's very important. So you're in control bottom line, whereas you know, you're working for somebody else or you're working in general, but is not necessarily your own day. They have control, right, they have control over, you know, if they want to give you a raise, or control over whatever task they want to delegate to you. It's not like that. When you're actually trading within the financial markets. Just know that you have full control over whatever it is you're doing within the markets. If I want to trade, I trade. If I don't want to trade, I don't trade, because that's that's me being in control, and that's what we try to empower people with, is that ability for them to be in control as well. I love that. Thank you for very compact answers, both of you. You know, I love what we said. It doesn't matter where you come from. The essence that is a level playing field and it's all about the money, right. There's no connection to where you're coming from, who you are, age, creed like, doesn't matter. It's that's all about the money, but having the right education. And this is why I really love the Prophet Room, because you're actually in quipping people to go into its I know that when I've spoken to people in the past with regards to trade in people ever have an okay experience for now, experience or they've got some really serious wounds. So what I love that you guys are offering it not just promoting trade and it's the training behind it, is preparing is creating a safe, inspired environment for people to learn and thrive, and I love what you said is they want to earn more. They only the silver rays they put in and it doesn't take away from what you will do in your daytoday life. You know you can get started while you're working. I really love that. I wonder if we can delve into a bit about the Prophet Room. What the why did you set this up and what the people get when they come along to that space? So the reason why we set this up in any type of field? Yes, teach ers and there's also instructors. Then they're also there's doers. So, for example, always like to say this. Sometimes you can go to a personal trainer that's at a gym and they can be out of shape, but they have all the knowledge in the world to give you the right diet and put you in shape and get you fit. But they are not applying with a know they say, Oh, I used to be this, I used to be that, right, so now I'm giving our perspective. The Toy and I are traitors first. So we are actively trading. So think of that personal trainer. We're actually working out, we're actually training, we actually getting physically fit in the financial markets and with people saw that about us. They were asking us, can we teach? Can we show them what we do? And we never thought about that because we already had our education. We knew we actually doing. But it realized that a lot of people are getting help in assistance from those who have a lot of theory or a lot of book knowledge, right Professor Type Information, but not actually real life, experienced, hands on so we decided to say, Oh okay, we took about a year to think about it and make like a little syllabus of how we would want people to be taught based off of real life experiences, real life emotions and things in the market. Then we decided to come up with a company called the Prophet Room because we didn't want to be specific towards just one genre. Is More of a way of like if you're going into like a hotel or events and you open the doors, it's the Prophet Room. We're over here, since we trade a lot of markets. They could be a currency market here, a stock market there. It could be what we called a futures market that deals with like oil, soy being and things of that nature, different commodities or even like the crypto market. So we wanted to be more diversified and that sense, because we know times change, and that's how we started the prophet room that way, and we have structured courses developed for all, for beginners, absolute beginners, who don't know anything period,... those who come to us who are advanced, that are struggling traders who haven't been taught, that's been going through a lot of the cycles that we always is here, the bad reputations about in the market. So that's how we came along as just being actual traitors first, and people observe what we were doing and we decided to put together a curriculum and tastic it's way. Would you like to add anything to that? I he put it well well said earnest. Definitely. I also like to say, like, besides the financial markets, we just left it open. It's like an open concept, meaning like later on down the road, if we decide to incorporate more other things in terms of like that dwells on financial wealth and as well as health, we can also add that within the prophet rooms umbrella. So that's very powerful in itself, incredibly powerful. I love them bringing help, you know, you know your health is your well right if we don't look into that as well? You know, you have to have balance. I'm really intrigued to hear. Where did the name come from? How did you get to the Prophet Room? I love that it's very specific but again, very broad the way you've given that example behind it. Our earnest is the the one with the brain over there. That's the thing. It was a lot of different names that came up in you know, I have a lot of like Latoya said, my brain is moving all the time. I have probably like thousands, I be is written down and I was just thinking about that same concept, you know, using my mindset and using imagination, things that nature, and I just didn't want to have anything that was specific, like Latoya said, just trading. I wanted to be something broad and diverse for just in case we meet other individuals in the future that have other talents and things that nature. We can all work together. So it's just a group of people trying to make profits and especially, like she mentioned, would health. Like you don't know now, but you'll know, I'm a bit advocate on health and training and fitness and stuff like that. Like I'm borderline meathead and that sense. So it's a lot of that stuff that we want eventually corporate into what we're doing. So that's where we did that name from, just like the Prophet Room in that sense, it's just like you're coming in the room and, no matter what, you're going to build up some type of profits for yourself, some type of wealth, some type of knowledge to up build you. No matter what you're going to you're going to leave with something. You're not going to you're going to come in there maybe a little light in the pockets, but you're going to leave with something else extra when you walk out toastig. Thank you, guys. PFE fearful, the answer, the response is amazing. You know I really love with regards to your response, is that you guys are traders first. So I one of the things in the personal development worlds that really kind of upset me and a few in our network is that there's lots of this teacher Gurus, there's lots of these people that are saying it but not being it, and I really love that distinction between the fact that it's not you're teaching something that you're not doing, you're actually living it and you're inviting people into your lives. You're inviting people like, just look at the setup you've got. This is you at home all day, every day. When you want to pop into the room, you pop in. But it's a way of life, not just a fault process, and I think that alone speaks volumes. When I was introduced to both of you, I was super excited for a number of reasons. What this actually stood out for me because you understand what it is from an experiential, mersive essence, not just from a book, smart, theoretical and I think there's a major difference, and I can imagine this doesn't viewers, you'll understand exactly what I'm speaking about because we've all been to the seminal route, running around and going, okay, this is the next big opportunity, as the next big this. But when someone's won't the journey, it is such a different essence that they can give because they know what it's like immersively, not just for your ethically. So thank you. I really loved that. And for people are listening and watching this, what would you say the age ranges that cater for? I think that's also a question that's kind of pondering a few people's mind, like what sort of age need to be to get into only too young? Am I too old? So We'd love to hear your perspective around that. We don't we don't really have a specific age. We kind of we're all over the place in terms of age because, like earnest said, really anyone can do this. The age that you do not need permission to open account, a brokerage account, that's that's fine. It doesn't matter how old you are at all either. We have people that came... us and still with us, trading with us even after taking our courses, just because they like the community. They're well in their s. So agewise, it doesn't matter how young or old you are. And what Ernest and I are doing two, eventually we're going to have something for for the youth. So even though they cannot open a brokerage account as if yet, they will still have that knowledge to prepare them when they are actually ready. Wow, yeah, and I don't want that. Just to add on that as well, like Latoya mentioned, we have people out of might be young as like eighteen, nineteen up to seventy, but we find that on average we may get people who in their mid to late S, more of a mature because we aren't well, we come across. We aren't lifestyle traders and investors. We're not like you said. You see in the seminars. We're not motivator traders and investors. And that's where you know, it's the psychological thing where they get you hyped up and expectation so and we're glad we're not like that because we get a certain customer as well. So when you put yourself out in a certain way, you receive a certain customer. So we get a lot of customers that either want to supplement the income or some now to be close to retirement three or four years and they want to know how to make a little extra money. Or, like Latoya said, we'll get customers in this s who are in the given back face, they already retired, they're comfortable, they want to show how to grandkids to do this things. Then, like now we're teaching the student. Now he's about it makes us feel old. He's twenty five. He was following us on instagram since he was nineteen and he finished college and everything, and I'm sitting there doing this. She said, yeah, I've been following you, since I might see, I finished, I got college everything. I know. I was going to take your course. I'm like bag nights him, you know, but you get people like that then, surprisingly, Latoya, tell you this. We have a trading room where we trade in one summer and we were trading day trading and making some decent money, and it was a young it was somebody in there who was actively there every day in the summertime and he said, all right, guys, I'm have to cancel my subscription. School is about to start now, which trading. But now I think he's in college. We think he's in college. He was like a sophomore. Lets Oria, I can high school. It's something like that. What so very roughly, because we don't have so far. Sophomore in high school. Yeah, to be like sixteen. Fifteen. Yeah, he's like fifteen. So he was like in his ten tenth year school. But you don't know who's watching you, you don't know what type of finances people have, you don't know where his parents might have gave him or what he made. It saved up. But if we were communicating like we are now via like the chat, I would never know he was like fifteen. Sixteen years old, because he's like trading with us every day in the summer and I would just like unbelievable, like I thought he had to go back to the university or something. He's like, I'm in I so you never know. Oh, I love that. Hit on this. Finish what you're saying. Sorry, it's just saying that just shows you the maturity level or the aspect of what you can do and you don't have to be had all these degrees or certain type. Once you understand, you understand it. And he was around us on a daily basis and even from there he probably picked up so much more and you know, go from there. Powerful you know, I'm really glad, listeners and viewers, that you've had this insight that age is nothing but a number. You know, this fifteen year old had to go back to sophomore. You know, he's amongst traders all day, every day, just hanging out learning. That's absolutely amazing. So he was just keeping up and, like you said, you would never have known. How do you feel? said it to school. It's amazing. But what I really love about this is that the empowerment that it gives people. I love the essence when you set about teaching their grandkids and exposing fifteen year olds and having seventeen year olds that you know it's again it's a level plane field. Just like you said about trading, is that the person answering it. It can be anyone,...

...any age. And you know what's quite interesting here in the UK, by I all thaws a bit different to yours, so kids can actually open up ices under the age of eighteen to here in the UK can open up trading the counts they call that trading ices because that's what trade shown. That could be quite interesting for your online courses. If they're in the UK, they can actually set up quite earlier. So that we quite interesting and listeners and viewers. I really hope this inspires you to start thinking that this is a skill set that you can empower your children with a very young age, if they just sitting along with you. Let him look at the chunks, because I know both of you are parents like your children, just having a habit. You understanding of going up. What's that, mom? What is? What does that do? Dad? And I think it's so important for us to immerse our children into our world because when they get to our age becomes so normalized and I think that's the difference. That makes the difference, and I wonder if you can add to that the importance of just immersing that learning as a family learning as well. Yes, I agree, definitely, definitely. I agree. My daughter's there. They're super young, but they know that, not all the time, but during a specific time Mommy's very right here. So at time when they come and they do ask and I, you know, explain a little bit concepts that they can understand at such a young age, because they're five and seven. So I don't go to extreme with it because that's going to come with time as they grow older, but I know they're going to know so much by the time they hit twelve that most people were not known because they're not surrounded by somebody that actually, you know, trades for a living. So that's that's important to me. That's that's one of my goals, one of my objectives, even if they don't want to do this, but they're going to have some sort of knowledge that it exists and they know how to utilize it in the future in many ways, even if they don't want to do it professionally, which is not a problem, they will know what investing is like, so that's super important. Thank you. Some amazing I totally agree. Totally agree and to some extent I for me not to some extent I believe that financial education is a life skill. You know, it's one of those necessities and I think too many children leaves to life. Might be myself. I remember leaving school and just being shot by the world. I was not prepared, I didn't have that financial understanding that I can learn earn money in different ways. It was just to get a job or set up a business and that was all the two things I understand and to some extent I felt more like you came from a family owned business, as you didn't really come from where I came from to set this up. So children have so much right now. There's such an abundance of what they can do and obviously with the profit room it just adds another avenue that can really compliment in all kinds of ways. It's amazing what the two of you are doing and what does it give you? What does the profit room give you both an individually. I know we had a chat briefly about this just before we went life Latoya, but earnest and last clay, could you share, like what is it giving you as an individual, just so maybe the listeners and viewers can grasp the essence? Well, I think it gives me no personal satisfy action with certain and things this. Like I'm a mechanic by trade, so I like to build things and for things that happen. So if I'm putting something together, you know at the end of it, you see it, you sit back, Hey, I put that together, like somebody's working in a garden and they see stuff come up, like I'm that person with the tools, like hey, I was able to fix this, I was able to put this together and I completed it. So it's like you get that little Selfworth type thing. I've never thought I would be on this side because I'm an outside person. I'm going to tell you, a mechanic by trade. The computers and all this other stuff is like whatever. But when we get people, and I'll use this in a loose term, respectively, are broken. We get a lot of people that are broken emotionally or financially. We can't promise them the world, but showing someone how they can benefit from something that they thought was extremely difficult and hard and able to simplify it and watch them get like that Aha moment, like okay, I get it now, like all right, things like that and boom, then you see them thrive from it. You get a form form of like completion, like Selfworth. With that it's just like the same thing. Like I'm used to mechanical type stuff, moving things around. So in that's cool because it comes with like if I can see it and they...

...see it, I feel good. Ay, I was able to do that. Like, I know, I'm not a teacher, like I didn't go to school to be a teacher, but I'm able to show somebody how to do something. It's just like, you know, a mother with a child, majority of the women you know, you teach your son or your daughter how to walk or do something. You excited because you did that. So it's almost similar like that. But I get to do that with adults, you know, and see them do certain things and, like I said, it's the certain customer that we do attract, that they are most appreciative and they're most vulnerable because they allow themselves to give of themselves and explain what they want out of life and what they've been going through and things of that nature and you can sense that energy, like all right, then we can give you that same type of energy back. So it's more of an open exchange when you see people be able to do that. And, like I said before, trading is very could be very lonely. You're by yourself, you have the computer, and that's the same thing with a toy. Now we discussed and it's a lot of emotions that go back and forth. So by doing this it is a sense of satisfaction, but at the same time it's a form of growing more and more traitors, more and more traitors in our community, and thus giving them consciousness of was actually happening, because we get people, even if they don't decide to come to the prophet room, we do like webinars and events. It's just having people conscious of their financial needs and that's been our biggest message. Even if you don't buy or course, like download one of the financial APPs, watch the News, financial section of the news, understand what tariffs mean. Right, just be a part of it. You don't have to be inside of it, just be a part of it and once you become a part of it and start understanding it, you're going to start diving into it eventually. So I know I give you a lot of answers, but I'm just saying I get that Selfworth with that. It's needed. Is Very much needed. Is Anything you want to add to that? Latoya mines, is is very, very brief. Is More so like somewhat of a fulfillment and the what's the best way? Like we're definitely enriching lives number one, and it kinds of give a different purpose, if you know what I mean. It's like it wasn't the intended purpose, but it really sense like, you know what, maybe this is our purpose as a company, is term rich lives and have that impact prices and you know, for people are listening and stating that they want to take the next steps with both of you, get involved in the community. That the Prophet Room Office. How can they go about doing that? Well, first of all, you can all our social media. Is the proper room. So if you go to the Youtube and you look up the Prophet Room, you'll see a lot of our videos. have a lot of videos on there are instagram, we have we have twitter, we have facebook, things of that nature, and you get a concept of what we actually do. So we provide a lot of courses for people as beginners all the way to advance traders, and we always suggest people to do the research. We have a lot of testimonials online. We say Google was going on. You know a lot of your research. And remember if you're coming to us, we are which we like to call people freedom traders. We have freedom traders and now explain that. We're not pushing lifestyle, we're not pushing chasing money. So if you chasing money, you're going to have people behind you that chase money. But if you chase it and freedom, money will follow. Money will follow. So we're looking for that particular customer that's looking to get a lot of time back and freedom to be able to do what they want. So it's not about the dollar amount, because your personal finances, you may be single, you may have no car in us, a small apartment and you need only maybe, I don't know, a hundred pounds a month to live. You know that's you. So I'm going to cater something for you in order to live a lifestyle that can help you have your freedom. Then you may have a client of student that has four or five kids, a family,..., things like that. So your financial freedom is going to be much different from the next person. So we that's what we focus on. What's going to make you comfortable to get your time back for what you want to do, not just the dollar sign. So and we get people like that because we tell them straight up, I'm going to give you a structure course in order for you to fully understand. Some people who say how fast and I make a thousand pounds a day, two thousand pounds in two weeks. We don't want that customer because their mind is not there. Their mind is not there. The only way I could work with you, or Latoyq, can work with you if you open your mind and allow us to be able to structure eye something for you, because these financial markets on going anywhere. It's no rush. It's like learning how to play the piano, learning how to learn a new language. You're not going to learn in two or three weeks or four weeks. You got to learn the pronunciation, you got to learn this, but you will learn. If you come to us, you will learn. It's just going to take structure and it's going to take time. In everybody learns on a different basis, but you will. You will learn it. So you know just add to earn it's with same. If it Gols to how people can get involved, yes, so generally you can find us on any social media platform. The Prophet Room is how to find us on twitter, facebook, Youtube, instagram, or we generally do provide and offer webinars every now and get again to help new people or beginners get more acclimated with how the market works and functions. Or, you know, some people can't wait. They you know, they want to know. I want to get started right now. Just head to our website. The profit from that coom and we have everything laid out for however, you decide what you want to focus on. Where should you start? All of our programs are extremely beginner friendly because we do not skip foundation. Every program no matter how advancialm it may seem like, looking at it like can I do this? Yes, you can, because we structure it off or beginners wow, listeners and viewers like if you if you're exciting as I am, I definitely recommend that you get in touch, because this is the real deal. Guys. Is One thing going along and someone telling you, but the earnest and the toy are kindly inviting you into their world. This is a different area. Okay, guys, it's a different ball game all together. They're inviting you into their unique space, the profit room. It will evolve as time goes on. You know, they talking about, you know, collaborations and someone and so forth, but for now this is the starting game. But they're offering a level playing field them at where you are, what you're doing and if we take a look at the current stance in life, but working for somebody else, there's nothing guarantee the least if you have something, especially if you've got a family. We've got to start thinking what else can we add? What can we fall back on when things don't work out? We don't know how long this situation is going to last, but at least there's a platform that can give you the ability to learn what needs to be learned, teach it to your family, navigate and, like they said, they're going to hold your hands along the way. The courses are designed in such a way that it doesn't matter where you are. They don't at the foundational levels, and I think that's quite unique. I really love that, because sometimes we're very mindful set. I don't need to know that there's going forward and for me personally, my personal journey, what I've learned is that you can read the same book over and over again. You just get a new level of understanding. So it's not a lot. I don't need to do that. You're only going to get a deeper understand and if it's something you've already visit it. So I think that's amazing. But, more importantly for me personally, listening to the two of you, I love what you bring to the table. You guys have such different personalities, but when you come together, I think it really offers a nice combination, you know, the feminine the end of the masculine energy, but then again the way you perceive things. I love that. But coupled with your expertise, I think it's a mind blind blowing platform that people can really immerse themselves into, that can transform their trajectory and, like you said, this is all about empowerment and I think having this as an essence of empowerment is the difference, is going to make the difference for so many people. I love that you get a deep sense of fulfillment and I you know, I know you're saying it in a soft way, but it's not derogatory at all is that people come to you broken and there's nothing wrong with that. But seeing the sense of fulfillment as you pour into them, and I love the analogy of being a parent, is that as you pour into them and you see them articulating the ways that you navigated and installed and you see them walking taller and stronger, that's so such a sense of fulfillment and it just really gets me excited just listening to the two view so you've got a huge fan here over in the UK, so I would definitely sing in your praises and listeners and views. We...

...will be putting information into description, so you just go ahead, I will get links to their webinars, websites, everything's everything will be there, just a click of a button so you can navigate. Firstly, just want to thank you, Ernest and Latoya, for joining me in this phase. Thank you for inspiring myself and my family. I know that my son, the fifteen year old, he is going to be heavily involved in what you're doing and I'm super excited and I wonder if you can share with the listeners and viewers what you're doing for future developments. I know we had some talks about the children being involved as little things that are coming up, that are percolating in your mind. That I think it's quite exciting. If you can just share what you can with the listeners. Oh yeah, I have earnest take take this one away, because he's very, very passionate when it comes to the children, of the youth portion of what we're going to bring bring out pretty soon, bentest. So yeah, we have a program where we're focusing on kids with investments, but more of a thought process more than anything. Is just way of getting your mind to think. It's just like you mentioned before. As a mother, you could tell the child know, for some reason, don't touch this because it's hot. They don't know what it is yet. Until they understand what fire is, how fures created, you know what is used for things that that Na sure right, not just as just hot. So we want to come up with something where we're developing. Hey, you need to invest. Okay, everybody tells you that, right, but why do you need to invest? What is the decision process behind it? Is this investment for you with your thought processes, as you get to the point of learning how to invest? What decisions are you making now as a younger child that's going to allow you to do this and allow you to do that. So before it even goes into the aspect of the stock market, currency market, things of that nature, is more of a systematic structure journey to get your mind thinking in a certain way so it's in your mind. May Come to the conclusion that you may not want to do certain things, you may want to do another thing. So that's our whole goal. Whereas people, and we're not against any type of education, they say kids need to invest, kids need to do this, they need to open a bank accounting. Knew that, but some of them don't know why they're doing it and some of them just like adults, because we get a lot of information which allows us to do this because we do private coaching. So we have the ability to see some of the insecurities that adults have and their s for the s and s and see where they might have went wrong in their preteens and then a nature and see if we can add a little bit of what we have now back into their mind when they're younger. So when they get a little bit older they'll have that thought processes in those a little bit of financial securities in their mind confidence by certain decisions they make, because if we don't do that now, right they'll get to the age we are now and the cycle just keeps repeating and repeating and repeating, and it's all about choices. That's what I was saying before. Even if you don't buy a course from US or participate, that's fine, but since we live in the world and the financial markets control the world, whether you have a career or a job, you need to understand what's actually going on. So that's the same thing with the children aspect. You may not be interested in what we're doing. You may not even want to be involved in trading investing, and that's fine, which you need to know with actually going on, and now I'll guide you through the decisions that you make. It light. So I know it's hard for me to sum up certain things because I go all over the police and that's how we're trying to do it like that. No, that's perfect, you know. You know I love is the fact that we need to understand. So often people are like, it's for me, it's not for me. It's like whether you feel it's for you and not for you. You need to understand this is why I really reinforce that belief to the listeners and viewers, the fact that this is a life skill. Like you said, they're more in a career or if you're working for yourself. This is a life skill and I feel that it would be such a phenomenal...

...and priceless tool if we can give that to the next generation because it is a life skill. I know my life will look very different because when you were saying, let me get to this side and go back, and exactly what I say to people in my own network is that personal developments the same where we grow up and then we go back and learn things what we could have started with. You know, we insert those foundations. We don't have to go back. We can go through the lifelong learning, but it's not an arduous one. You know someone that's gone through their entire life of out having that financial understanding, financial seeding, of knowing what this is and how it applies to them, because it's part of the world right. We can get our life back, we can stop the whole arduous journey of kind of wading through life and then we can start making better decisions. But we can't make better decisions without the apprehension. So I feel that if you're listening to this and watching is, you really need to question yourself. At what cost? At what cost them? I could I say no, you know, really say no to this opportunity. You're not investing in earnest and Latoya, you're investing in yourself for generations to come, and I think we really need to get this together as adults. Like I called myself upon this because when I started to stumble upon this, it was brought to my attention by my son. I started to question, like at what cost my son is going to become a husband one day, he's going to be someone's father. At what cost will it be to him and his children for me not to be aware of how important this is, and not only for him but for all of my children, not only for my family, but for people around meet myself, and this is why I was so excited about having the two of you come here and share this, because I feel that it's a missing area. If Phil People, either for it or against it, had a bad experience, don't want to know anymore and it's something we must at least understand. So I kind of thank you enough for that, because that really inspires me. But when you speak about our kids, you know we're talking about a brighter tomorrow on so many levels. When we get this bit right, when we really get this bit right, we're open up so many facets where children can go and study, where they can go to it because they choose to, not because they have to. I meet far too many adults as a coach that are miserable, tired and sick in their lives because they've had to just go about their life. But if if we ask the question, like, if you had a certain income, would you be doing this? No. So they're literally just a road in to just bringing in ends meet, whereas this will offer another avenue and maybe they won't have to go down that road if they at least understood. So thank you so much. Sorry for talking so much, but you really got me inspired. Okay, here's for me. As a parent, I'm very passionate about financial education. I think this serves such a massive essence within our community upon so many levels, and one of the things I love that you and Latoya keep mentioning is the type of people you purposely choose to surround yourself with in terms of the people that you work with. But the mindset. Could we just delve into that a little bit, because I feel that trade in what I've noticed my son since he's been trading, I've seen a shift in his mindset and I don't think people are aware of that deep level of mindset shift that you get when you immerse yourself into trade. Say That with that is more so like it brings out a lot of focus, like you're really have to focus, you really have to besides the skill set area, you really have to listen to yourself like that. That discipline I can't stress, because if you're not listening to yourself, you're going to get ultimately humbled by that the market. So you get to know yourself more and get to learn about who you really are as a person by that way. You know. So I think that's that's what's interesting and probably that's what you're seeing. It's probably easy, more connected with how he is as a person himself. Is like, yeah, the market, that can definitely bring that, bring that out of you. It's definitely challenging at times as well, because not all the time we want to listen to ourselves right. We want we want to feel what's what's you know what maybe right, but there's something you that's saying. You know whether that can't be it. So that's that's how I think about it. In a sense. I don't want to really get off topic, but I'm just trying to connect to what you may be seen within your son. It's amazing. That's a really good answer. And this would you like to add to that? Yeah, this when in any time you do with finances, your emotional right. So we have one of these saying where you control the emotion and you trade the plan. Everything's emotional. This what we're doing here is just a big video game. He would tell me, what do you do for a living? I play video games. Right, you see how kids get when they get on the video games. They get all emotional, they throw the controller, they get upset, they start crying and I it's just a... and we got to tell people is just money. Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don't. I don't mean to exped it that simple, but it's the same emotional and people want to win. They want to win, they want to do is right. So when you're in the trading arena, that's why you need to have someone to assist those emotions. To bounce stuff back and for far off of who have experienced those emotions before. Because one thing you got to realize, like I said, with people being broken, and that's the hardest thing, trading doesn't reflect who you are as a person. So, just like you child right, just because they lost the video game or something happens, a lot of people think it's a reflection on them, that they are unsuccessful, that they are not good at something. It's just the game and I take it myself all the time. I could be the biggest baby. I'll tell you that right now. Start crying in about some trade that got no better. This is mad of the toy. Let me call you back and be all in my feelings. I'm talking about all in my feelings, but we're imperfect. So when I hear that on the other end, is the same as Zach Waite. You have to learn how to control those emotions and that's always going to be a battle with with any type of finance. But that the closest example I can give is with the kids with the video games. Like they get hot, they get livid and upset, but it does it's not them. It's just a game. It's just a particular time and you know, the better you get, the more you can control it. Right, we call it controlled losses, as with controlled wins. You can't get them all, but that's where risk management comes in and all this other stuff. So it does get with you as a person and it does change your personality as well a lot of stuff. So there's always a balance, there's always something that comes in there in order to level off and also could build confidence, and that's what we try to do. You help people build that confidence to allow them know it's okay, it's okay. You took a loss. That's all right. We took a loss to its control, but you know how to do it again. You know how to make it back up. Some people could take a loss and don't know how to make it back up again. Right, things of that nature. Just like the kid, you're going to hit reset, we're going to start the game over. It's not the end of the world. You go start it over again. Then they get to the next level. Right. So the same thing like so, but individually you may not realize that when you're talking to yourself, you drive yourself crazy, but when you have like a trading coach or a mentor somebody work with you through those emotions. You realize you're not the only one that's going through that and realizing that the trading doesn't reflect who you are as an individual. You're still a good person, it's still brilliant, you're still great, right, and that's what really comes with the emotions in the market. Fantastic answers from both of you. Absolutely phenomenal. I'm curious to know which one of you are more aggressive in the market. You are little probably more aggressive. Yeah, probably, that's why she's so calm. You see how common collective she is. Yeah, so, so common collective. I'm the one that's, you know, a little bit timid. Was Certain things sozing? I really love that, you know, and again I echo this back to the listeners and viewers. What I love about what you said is that you go through these emotions. So again, it's not theoretical. I imagine when this happens, you did it? You say no, this happens to me. I understand that. So you have that controlled loss. I really love that. So, listeners and viewers, you get so much by immersing yourself into this the prophet room, because they're there. They've been through it and then walk in the talk. They're not just telling you it. This is their life. They're invitingments. I really appreciate you joining me in this space. I wonder if each of you can leave a final message with our listeners and all of you. I don't mass it. I would say that if you're listening to this, and this is probably intrigue you to actually listen to the full interview, somewhat the finances or the financial world has sparked your interest and I just want to say no matter what you may think, just know that you have the ability to accomplished success within the financial markets, no matter what you decide to focus on. So, ultimately, I always say just believe in you, even when somebody else does not believe in you, always trusting yourself and trusting your process. I don't even know how I could top that. You know he just sent the whole Oscar speech. I will just say I would just agree exactly with...

Latoya just mentioned. You you can do it. That's the bottom line. You can do it, and I'm advocate especially of just selfsufficiency. We all rely on someone for income, jobs, companies and things of that nature, which is great, but when something happens in your life that may change, like Latoya mentioned before, you know children or you too, like you want to be able to have that power and confidence to say, Hey, I can be able to shift and do something based off of maybe some knowledge or information I have, so I can be self sufficient and not have to rely on someone else in order to take care of me. is nothing wrong relying on people or job or career. is nothing wrong with like that, with is something shifts that hey, I found something that empower me, for me, my family and then take care of what we want to plan on doing, because at the end of the day, that's what you have, is you're immediate circle, your immediate family that you know you want to take care of, and that's basically it, Latoya, and this I thank you. That closing message for the listeners was absolutely impactful. I know I'm really excited about sharing this, actually for a number of reasons. So I will, like I said, I make sure there's links attached, but I just want to thank you both for number one, coming together, you know, coming together and creating this unique platform, but number two, just joining me in this space to help share it around the world. And I know so much is going to come out as a result of this. Like I really am passionate and excited and I love your personalities, are you. You guys are both so chilled, so down to Earth, so humble that you know your stuff, and I really like the essence of wisdom you know. You could just see on your faces. You know the setup behind speaks. It speaks volumes, but also you're in it. This is this is your life. So thank you for inviting us into your life. Thank you for the work that you're doing, because this is this is real, tangible stuff that people can get involved into, really start mapping out and, like you said, empowerment and taking back control. So thank you so much for me and I wish you continued success of everything that you do going forward. Thank you, appreciate you have enough lie sure it is well,.

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